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No one is making you read and then respond to any of it. Don't click and read it if you don't want your delicate sensibilities offended {nm}

Posted by: HarryWarden on Apr 11, 18:13 in response to Jane_Citizen's post Here is a list of Hathaway's roles to date:

CS: Catwoman Promo shot for [BATM3] (meow!) Antibody Apr 11, 11:14

Anne Hathaway will be a huge asset to this movie. Tanker Apr 11, 11:29

Meh. Mila Kunis or someone similar would have been better. Kunis though would have been perfect. {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 11:47

I couldn't disagree more. {nm} PVL Admin Apr 11, 11:48

We've already seen more than enough of Hathaway in other movies. {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 11:50

And then there's this HarryWarden Apr 11, 12:03

Whoa, an actresses cut her hair for a movie! Get out the pitchforks! {nm} RogerMore Apr 11, 13:19

She looks horrible. {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 13:39

What effect does her current look have on a role that has already been filmed? {nm} BionicMoron Apr 11, 13:42

It doesn't but is proof that she's not attractive {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 13:45

Proof? Attractive is one of those things that is in the eye of the beholder. BionicMoron Apr 11, 13:49

What purpose... HarryWarden Apr 11, 13:52

*searches for 'flag offensive content' button* {nm} Jane_Citizen Apr 11, 14:51

Here is a list of Hathaway's roles to date: Jane_Citizen Apr 11, 15:02

No one is making you read and then respond to any of it. Don't click and read it if you don't want your delicate sensibilities offended HarryWarden Apr 11, 18:13

your delicate sensibilities are offended by my being right. Jane_Citizen Apr 11, 19:54

And... HarryWarden Apr 11, 13:56

Don't use a word like proof, which implies something as fact or truth, when what you really mean is your opinion. {nm} BionicMoron Apr 11, 14:04

And it could hurt TDKR because... HarryWarden Apr 11, 14:07

The number of people who will skip BATM3 because they consider AHATH to be insufficiently attractive is about zero. {nm} RogerMore Apr 11, 14:13

Wig? {nm} DTravel Apr 11, 17:29

this might be the dumbest thing I have ever read on this site Anniebecca Apr 11, 18:22

Let me guess: Female. If so, your opinion is predictable and boring {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 18:29

Anniebecca is male. Sadly, it's your own opinions that are predictable and boring. {nm} RogerMore Apr 11, 19:17

With a name like that, most would make that mistake. {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 19:49

@Antibody: *SEARCHES FOR 'FLAG AS OFFENSIVE' BUTTON* Jane_Citizen Apr 11, 19:49

I post way more news than you do. You're the useless one. {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 19:51

She looks like Bieber! {nm} thatpj Apr 11, 13:51

lol! {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 13:52

I can't get past Mila Kunis's voice. She sounds like some sort of cartoon. {nm} Tanker Apr 11, 11:50

Maybe 'cause, she's played one on Family Guy? {nm} DTravel Apr 11, 17:27

too short {nm} tealfan Apr 11, 12:21

I could disagree more, but not by much. {nm} BionicMoron Apr 11, 12:28

its the licensed life size stand up party stores will sell you can preorder now for 39.99 {nm} notfabio Apr 11, 12:08

**UPDATE: IMAGE REMOVED AT STUDIO'S REQUEST** It may also be in this week's EW Antibody Apr 11, 12:16

good thing you pasted it into the original post :) {nm} tealfan Apr 11, 12:24

Silly studio requesting the image to be removed! How are they gonna attract the 18-25 male demographic? {nm} thatpj Apr 11, 12:13

Cast someone else in the role? Though sadly, it's too late for that. {nm} HarryWarden Apr 11, 12:16

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