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Spider-Man 3 starred a Marvel-created CHARACTER. The film was Sony's. Bad comparison is bad. {nm}

Posted by: BSmurf on Apr 05, 16:29 in response to VictorY's post I agree.. I don't think it'd be a fair comparison.. BP...

Deadline has Captain Marvel making 14.2 million this weekend it's easily going to pass 400+million jamesbik333 Apr 05, 14:59

Shocker lol!!!! {nm} arbybaker Apr 05, 15:14

31% drop if that estimate holds {nm} tealfan Apr 05, 15:20

Point is moot. Even if it makes 390m it's still a massive success and has made a huge profit. {nm} numbersix_99 Apr 05, 15:44

Its Victor that set that arbitrary measurement & claimed that it was something Disney put out there. This just reinforces his ignorance {nm} Moviesnob Apr 05, 15:56

I would remind you MS, you said "Solo" was going to be huge also.. That didn't happen. Sorry, I look past the hype on films. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:01

So? This one was huge and you continue claiming it's some sort of failure. Just take the L and move on. {nm} benz0 Apr 05, 16:08

So was "Spiderman 3," and then the franchise got re-booted. Look, I can't just tell you what to hear.. not if I'm to stay honest. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:13

you have not been honest since the first day that you came here. {nm} RazorHawk Apr 05, 16:14

Remind us again why the comparison to the reboot after the 3rd film in a series to a 1st solo film is relevant? {nm} BSmurf Apr 05, 16:15

Marvel new character solo films usually pull around 3X Multiplier domestically.. or around there. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:17

Remind us again why the comparison to the reboot after the 3rd film in a series to a 1st solo film is relevant? {nm} BSmurf Apr 05, 16:18

They're both still Marvel films. Do you want me to compare CM to "Black Panther," instead..?? I don't think that'd be fair. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:22

I don't see you comparing ANY other Marvel solo movies to Black Panther. {nm} Antibody Apr 05, 16:24

I agree.. I don't think it'd be a fair comparison.. BP was truly a movie event we don't see very often. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:27

Spider-Man 3 starred a Marvel-created CHARACTER. The film was Sony's. Bad comparison is bad. BSmurf Apr 05, 16:29

So if Captain Marvel had opened to 20 bucks and finished with 60 it would be ok? {nm} islndr Apr 05, 16:23

Yes, and they usually open to <$100M, making it a lot easier to have a 3x multiple benz0 Apr 05, 16:24

Why can't you get it in your head that SM3 had a significantly larger budget and less box office than CM? You're comparing apples to lizards benz0 Apr 05, 16:21

SM3 had a budget of 258m, at the time an industry record. CM cost 100m LESS & will gross around 200m MORE. Your comparison is DoA. HurricaneKid Apr 06, 07:47

Yep. I don't recall anyone saying "I think Solo's going to have great legs. Sure the box office is bad so far, but I have feelings about it" {nm} RogerMore Apr 05, 16:15

If I lie to reinforce a small worldview and limited understanding, I welcome the board to be critical. That's why you're constantly being Moviesnob Apr 05, 16:12

A small world-view? You're claiming the same audience that fully embraced Wonder Woman and Battle Angel suddenly hates female heroes???? {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:15

Captain Marvel made 2x Alita's whole domestic run in the 1st weekend? You're being nonsensical, now. {nm} BSmurf Apr 05, 16:18

"Alita" box office I felt is solid.. especially for a non-Marvel new character. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:20

And I thought you were trolling before... {nm} benz0 Apr 05, 16:27

But that's not what you wrote (use the inner message, perhaps?). You said that the Wonder Woman and Alita audiences were one and the same. BSmurf Apr 05, 16:28

Alita's does not (and won't) even make the top 100 BO list for non-Marvel films. Alita did alright overseas, but tatoufan Apr 05, 16:38

Also it cost more to make than Captain Marvel! {nm} benz0 Apr 05, 16:42

geez, accept your mistake and go home. Comparing Alita with Captain Marvel in terms of BO success? LOL L3stat Apr 05, 16:38

Female heroes played by actors who point out that there's not a lot of diversity on movie journalism/criticism and take active steps to RogerMore Apr 05, 16:22

I don't know if that hurt the film honestly, her comments. I think its more the film is just kind of "meh" for the Marvel fans. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:24

Once CMARV reaches 405m, her OW multiplier will be higher than Infinity War. {nm} Qix Apr 05, 16:38

That would be impressive. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:40

CM has an A CinemaScore. Personally, I've not heard a Marvel fan in my circles say they didn't like it. {nm} tatoufan Apr 05, 16:42

The Marvel fans took out their frustration by buying tickets to the next movie with the character in record numbers {nm} Moviesnob Apr 05, 16:43

Yep, those crazy fans will probably going to buy the CM action figures and T's too. {nm} tatoufan Apr 05, 16:56

So did "Star Trek: Into Darkness" and ST fans still regard it as the worst in the series. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 16:45

Where did that come from? CM is a very popular film with over a billion in BO and counting. tatoufan Apr 05, 17:11

I was pointing out STID also had a A CinemaScore.. No worries. {nm} VictorY Apr 05, 17:13

Expelliarmus! {nm} Wellespring Apr 05, 17:24

Jeez, HSX getting really worked up about this thing {nm} MattW Apr 06, 07:44

It's not about really about CMARV, it's about VictorY's behaviour. Razor said it best - he has not been honest here since his first day {nm} RogerMore Apr 06, 09:10

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