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Go out on a limb or something. By every measure I predict the sun will rise tomorrow morn' {nm}

Posted by: lhayes37 on Jun 29, 00:01 in response to mickpix's post by every measure (opening weekend, final gross) i still...

Wells: Salt and Inception tracking closely Moviesnob Jun 28, 14:58

how are people made aware of films? trailers in theater, tv spots, social networking, magazines, and in person w.o.m right? so... islander Jun 28, 15:13

Salt has an extensive outdoor campaign in LA {nm} Moviesnob Jun 28, 15:15

but your take on it would lead one to believe Inception isn't connecting with potential audiences {nm} Moviesnob Jun 28, 15:16

and now i see AJOLI featured on tonights ET and Vanity Fair cover, so i can see word is getting out on that one {nm} islander Jun 28, 16:08

Salt also has an extensive underwater campaign at the Dead Sea {nm} bennyboy10 Jun 28, 15:28

Salt is an easier word to remember than Inception, so that's one reason it has higher unaided awareness. {nm} Antibody Jun 28, 15:27

But Inception has higher overall awareness than Salt. {nm} Antibody Jun 28, 15:31

We're kind of holding a poll on this right now on CS main. Trailers is winning by far. {nm} CS Jun 28, 15:54

Interesting. I've seen marginally more tv ads for Salt than Inception. shadowking Jun 28, 16:28

by every measure (opening weekend, final gross) i still expect Inception to far outpace Salt {nm} mickpix Jun 28, 16:06

Go out on a limb or something. By every measure I predict the sun will rise tomorrow morn' lhayes37 Jun 29, 00:01

In absolute terms, how are those numbers that Wells mentions for each movie? Is that tracking to a big open or is it just a weak open for GMov Jun 28, 17:03

By the way, boxoffice.com also showed Salt spiking on Facebook hits...so maybe it really is getting the buzz {nm} GMov Jun 28, 17:10

I'm going to see both, but more looking forward to Salt... {nm} RoBoGuru Jun 28, 19:16

Salt will benefit hugely on the recent breaking news of arresting real-life Russia spies by FBI. {nm} Bobby_John Jun 29, 13:51

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