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but then went wacky and put red riding at low 40 {nm}

Posted by: notfabio on Feb 27, 12:16 in response to notfabio's post notably they saw the error of their ways somewhat raised...

RS: [RANGO] mid-30s, [ADJBU] low double digits, [TMHTN] mid single digits, [BSTLY] LOW single digits {nm} secretstalker Feb 27, 12:07

notably they saw the error of their ways somewhat raised battle mid 20s lowered mars mid teens {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:14

but then went wacky and put red riding at low 40 notfabio Feb 27, 12:16

I think Red Riding Hood will do well but not *that* well.... BATLA will win the weekend. {nm} secretstalker Feb 27, 12:22

yeah itl be interesting. to see if red can outopen sucker punch i doubt it but think it is at least a vague possibility {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:28

I really hope not. Sucker Punch at least looks like something you don't see everyday. RRH is Twilight-lite. HarryWarden Feb 27, 16:16

Is there enough of a target audience for Sucker Punch? It seems a bit like The Spirit in the sense that it doesn't have a core built-in GMov Feb 27, 17:14

Is anyone on this post excited to see Sucker Punch or does anyone know anyone who is? I'm part of the target audience and not excited {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:21

I Want to See It , But From The Marketing I Have Seen So Far It Feels Like They Are Really Hyping It Up As The Next 300. wrongturn687 Feb 27, 18:24

The other thing that seems problematic about Sucker Punch is that (I doubt this is a SPOILER but just in case am putting inside) GMov Feb 27, 18:34

It wouldn't surprise me if Battle: LA disappointed frankly. Jay_Beezy Feb 27, 12:48

I find this one to be the hardest to call b/c it seems too derivative but at the same time I know of people really excited to see it. {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:16

Has there been any buzz on reviews or test screenings for Battle? I saw a test screening review on AICN last year but nothing since. {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:16

There was a review at twitchfilm.com that was taken down because reviews are under embargo. Jay_Beezy Feb 27, 17:50

red legitimately. is tracking well across. multiple services with women {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:23

But there's a good chance that tracking is showing high awareness, cause what moron would say "Duh, I've never heard of Red Riding Hood" secretstalker Feb 27, 12:26

I've never heard of Red Riding Hood. Duh is, however, not in my vocabulary. {nm} BionicMoron Feb 27, 12:30

So if I said, "Grandma, what big eyes you have," you would think I was hitting on you and get a restraining order? secretstalker Feb 27, 12:35

Well, I am rocking a muumuu right now. {nm} BionicMoron Feb 27, 12:48

Is Beastly tracking that low at other services, too? The Twitter numbers & the THR bullseye looks way higher... {nm} medusa Feb 27, 13:19

Notably saw the error of their ways? Alright, high teens was too low, but mid 20s would not surprise me. {nm} Jay_Beezy Feb 27, 17:51

My guess is a bit higher but not a ton higher. Maybe $30MM-$32MM open. {nm} GMov Feb 27, 18:35

And the crazy sauce... [BATLA] mid 20s, [GWRRH] 40 million (!?!), [MNMOM] mid-teens, [LMTLS] low double digits, [LNLAW] high single digits secretstalker Feb 27, 12:16

Nothing on PAUL? I think it is way over-estimated so far. {nm} not2fast Feb 27, 13:49

Nope, probably next week. I don't imagine it can do well against Limitless and Lincoln Lawyer. {nm} secretstalker Feb 27, 14:23

will be lucky to hit 10-12M {nm} lobogotti Feb 27, 14:25

Don't think either of those two are hits either. Would you disagree? {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:17

i'm holding every March release and only three of them (two wide) are long in my port. lot of over-estimating going on for some time now. {nm} lobogotti Feb 27, 14:21

So if you had to guess which will open with more: Take Me Home or Beastly? {nm} HarryWarden Feb 27, 16:17

Beastly {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:18

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