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There was a review at twitchfilm.com that was taken down because reviews are under embargo.

Posted by: Jay_Beezy on Feb 27, 17:50 in response to GMov's post Has there been any buzz on reviews or test screenings for...

It said what I've been thinking the whole time. Impressive style, but mostly lacking in substance or character. In other words, just another generic alien invasion flick.

There's also a user review at IMDb that says the same thing.

RS: [RANGO] mid-30s, [ADJBU] low double digits, [TMHTN] mid single digits, [BSTLY] LOW single digits {nm} secretstalker Feb 27, 12:07

notably they saw the error of their ways somewhat raised battle mid 20s lowered mars mid teens {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:14

but then went wacky and put red riding at low 40 {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:16

I think Red Riding Hood will do well but not *that* well.... BATLA will win the weekend. {nm} secretstalker Feb 27, 12:22

yeah itl be interesting. to see if red can outopen sucker punch i doubt it but think it is at least a vague possibility {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:28

I really hope not. Sucker Punch at least looks like something you don't see everyday. RRH is Twilight-lite. HarryWarden Feb 27, 16:16

Is there enough of a target audience for Sucker Punch? It seems a bit like The Spirit in the sense that it doesn't have a core built-in GMov Feb 27, 17:14

Is anyone on this post excited to see Sucker Punch or does anyone know anyone who is? I'm part of the target audience and not excited {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:21

I Want to See It , But From The Marketing I Have Seen So Far It Feels Like They Are Really Hyping It Up As The Next 300. wrongturn687 Feb 27, 18:24

The other thing that seems problematic about Sucker Punch is that (I doubt this is a SPOILER but just in case am putting inside) GMov Feb 27, 18:34

It wouldn't surprise me if Battle: LA disappointed frankly. Jay_Beezy Feb 27, 12:48

I find this one to be the hardest to call b/c it seems too derivative but at the same time I know of people really excited to see it. {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:16

Has there been any buzz on reviews or test screenings for Battle? I saw a test screening review on AICN last year but nothing since. {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:16

There was a review at twitchfilm.com that was taken down because reviews are under embargo. Jay_Beezy Feb 27, 17:50

red legitimately. is tracking well across. multiple services with women {nm} notfabio Feb 27, 12:23

But there's a good chance that tracking is showing high awareness, cause what moron would say "Duh, I've never heard of Red Riding Hood" secretstalker Feb 27, 12:26

I've never heard of Red Riding Hood. Duh is, however, not in my vocabulary. {nm} BionicMoron Feb 27, 12:30

So if I said, "Grandma, what big eyes you have," you would think I was hitting on you and get a restraining order? secretstalker Feb 27, 12:35

Well, I am rocking a muumuu right now. {nm} BionicMoron Feb 27, 12:48

Is Beastly tracking that low at other services, too? The Twitter numbers & the THR bullseye looks way higher... {nm} medusa Feb 27, 13:19

Notably saw the error of their ways? Alright, high teens was too low, but mid 20s would not surprise me. {nm} Jay_Beezy Feb 27, 17:51

My guess is a bit higher but not a ton higher. Maybe $30MM-$32MM open. {nm} GMov Feb 27, 18:35

And the crazy sauce... [BATLA] mid 20s, [GWRRH] 40 million (!?!), [MNMOM] mid-teens, [LMTLS] low double digits, [LNLAW] high single digits secretstalker Feb 27, 12:16

Nothing on PAUL? I think it is way over-estimated so far. {nm} not2fast Feb 27, 13:49

Nope, probably next week. I don't imagine it can do well against Limitless and Lincoln Lawyer. {nm} secretstalker Feb 27, 14:23

will be lucky to hit 10-12M {nm} lobogotti Feb 27, 14:25

Don't think either of those two are hits either. Would you disagree? {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:17

i'm holding every March release and only three of them (two wide) are long in my port. lot of over-estimating going on for some time now. {nm} lobogotti Feb 27, 14:21

So if you had to guess which will open with more: Take Me Home or Beastly? {nm} HarryWarden Feb 27, 16:17

Beastly {nm} GMov Feb 27, 17:18

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