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[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund week 10 report.

Posted by: hyper (a.k.a FOXXFund) on Nov 22, 02:13

Let’s start with the numbers up 6.6% on the week and 29% for the month so far. We are up 320% in the ten weeks since IPO which maintains our average of a $3.00 per share weekly increase. Hopefully investors are happy with the returns and will stay aboard for the duration.

I mention this because it appears that I am facing mounting criticism from some long-standing players. One has been sniping at me for a while now, although he appears unstable, having apparently reset his port after a previous hissy fit, so is of no importance. Another, more hurtfully, told me I was being “too loud” on a league board, as though I was an annoying child to be shushed away. Well I have news for you guys: you may have been around a lot longer than me but I’ll let my record do the talking - except when I call it like I see it on the forum threads (or this soapbox). Ultimately it all comes down to performance and a 30,000% + port increase in my first seven months active play probably matches anything achieved by these ‘experienced’ players with much larger ports. In fact I know it does:

Top 10k H$ Gainers (courtesy KaiGee)

Maybe some of my critics should concentrate less on being the ‘Guardians of the Way the Game Used To Be’ and more on playing the game the way it is now.

Last week was a quiet one for us, after the initial activity with the ‘Die Hard: Year One’ (DIEH6) IPO. I had hoped we could exploit volatility on this one but it has proved to be disappointingly static so we’ll be giving it a wide berth for now. Likewise ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip’ (ALVN4), which we had taken a position in. I still believe it will do reasonably well upon release but frankly I’m not willing to tolerate the constant ‘bleed’ until then, particularly in light of the disappointing trailer.

One bright spot toward the end of the week was the news that Edgar Wright has signed up to direct ‘Shadows’ (MSHDW). For now we will be on both sides of this one but ultimately it will be added ‘long’ to the portfolio.  In fact we are now ‘long’ on most of our current portfolio with the notable exception of ‘The Clan aka El Clan’ (TCLAN), which is destined to end up a penny stock.

Thanksgiving week sees the release of ‘Victor Frankenstein’ (FRNKS) in wide release on Wednesday and ‘The Peanuts Movie’ (PENUT) Blockbuster Warrant  IPO on Thursday. In recent weeks we have been riding the momentum of FRNKS to profitable effect but my ‘gut’ tells me that will be be back to ‘shorting’ it. The only question remaining is when to go ‘all in’. We will of course be taking the maximum available stake in the IPO. Hopefully there will be some nuggets of news that give some of our lesser properties a boost but I’m not banking on it with people’s focus elsewhere.

Happy holiday,


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