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My experience on HSX over the past few years or so is that HSX billionaires favor shorts vs. longs {More->}

Posted by: NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 03, 08:54 in response to NVT_vs_bonds' post What risk? You seem to think there is some YE or calendar...

What is my strategy?

Well, I thought I made it clear with my past comments that by only trading approx. 3 out of every 5 days, I am passively playing this game. 

You opened your port after mine and have far surpassed me a while ago, because you trade bonds?

Let me tell you something:

I trade commodities in the futures market--nearly 20 years now (e.g., Crude Oil, Unleaded Gasoline, Gold, Soybeans, etc.)
Last night was a BIG night for me--what with everything that is going on with Iraq & Iran.

I first opened an account with HSX in 1998 and it went dormant in 2000 or so...I opened a new port in 2007 and for 10 years I had steady gains. Was I an HSX billionaire? No, my port was roughly H$200 million, but while my rank fluctuated daily, my percentile NEVER back-tracked--it only ever went up! I was in the top 10 percentile.

Until...it was obvious that any "strategy" I had suddenly after 10 years no longer worked, because the HSX billionaires all follow KaiGee and other HSX fan sites to gather intel on StarBonds. Whatever, wherever the info is that could cause my port here to soar like theirs, I have no interest in following KaiGee or other fan sites.

That's right: I have never joined any HSX leauges, because what's the point? Well, the point is this site and all of the securities it offers couldn't be farther from how "Stocks", "Bonds", "Derivatives", or "Funds" work in the real world. This isn't a game, and the people who run it for some reason don't care about it, either.

Think about it: HSX started in 1997 and to this day only has about 200K ports, many of which are duplicate accounts owned by existing members, such as RotoHockey (and even Oleg_Max at one point). How does that compare to member sites like FaceBook, Twitter, InstaGram, or even the number of people out there trading REAL securities?

This isn't even a "game" to play for fun, as it offers NO educational value to someone to sort of "practice" trading for free with Hollywood-based securities. 

So, is my "goal" of making it to the #3 or even #1 spot trolling? Perhaps. Every time without fail such comments by me seem to still trigger HSX billionaires, who spend 18+ hours a day on this site, carefully tailoring their non-real world portfolios.

I mean, in order for me to get to the #3 spot this year, I would have to earn approx. H$23+ billion this year, which averages about H$65 million in profits EVERY day, which is multiple the total value of my port. No matter how I cultivate my port, there is no way to achieve that.

Thanks for reading and I bid you good luck in 2020 to "out-perform" me with your fake account against me.

2019 End-of-Year Performance NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 09:25

OMG {nm} ndmaster Dec 31, 09:46

Ha your best joke yet keep them coming. {nm} hotsambatcho Dec 31, 11:00

Let me get this straight. You have H$14.5M total, H$2.2M invested and H$12M collecting 1.75% interest (or H$210K per year. Dreamer! Grunt Dec 31, 12:57

That's because I cashed out of many holdings before the New Year as I didn't want to risk carrying it over...New Year, new strategies. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 01, 15:39

What risk? You seem to think there is some YE or calendar risk to this game? NVT_vs_bonds Jan 02, 15:49

My experience on HSX over the past few years or so is that HSX billionaires favor shorts vs. longs {More->} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 03, 08:54

Good god, you sound like an uptight **** NVT_vs_bonds Jan 03, 15:52

Did you beat the NVT vs Bonds port? {nm} tatoufan Dec 31, 18:07

Uh, almost? NVT_vs_bonds Dec 31, 18:43

Wow, 127M only trading bonds? Not too shabby, nice work. {nm} tatoufan Dec 31, 22:10

Muchas gracias, senor! {nm} NVT_vs_bonds Jan 02, 15:50

You'll find as you collect more stocks or bonds, it becomes harder to earn $1M/day...some players have more time to play than others... {nm} Flash Jan 01, 10:37

There is a reason billionaires short. It is the best strategy..... Buy StarBond 32 Jan 04, 21:04

He either doesn't care, doesn't want to learn, or thinks he's a trading god. NVT_vs_bonds Jan 04, 22:25

You said you are "Done with his antics". Does that mean you will delete this account now? {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 05, 15:52

Of course not, are you an idiot? NVT_vs_bonds Jan 06, 13:12

You're only saying that because you have no intelligent response...I openly called your bluff and You're trolling me with your port. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 07, 12:53

You need to go on stage with these jokes. {nm} hotsambatcho Jan 07, 17:33

mrbinns: Please read my response to your comment...{More-->} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 05, 16:06

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