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mrbinns: Please read my response to your comment...{More-->}

Posted by: NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 05, 16:06 in response to Buy StarBond 32's post There is a reason billionaires short. It is the best...

First of all, please ignore everything NVT_vs_bonds says about me, as he literally created that port just to troll me (NVT is short for NeilVanThomas). I do care, and no, I do not think I am a trading god.

However, in response to your comment, no, most stocks do not tank. This is true of ANY stock that is Star Wars related, comic book-related, Transformers, etc. Personally, I think anyone who actually gives in to those fantasies to be a real-life degenerate and therefore I typically never trade those MovieStocks here on HSX.

But I have noticed that the day after an IPO the MovieStock will tank, only to slowly rise over time. It is ridiculous how much a new MovieStock will tank in just hours at best.

I never trade limited-release MovieStocks, as it just seems to risky to be begin with (same as Netfllix stocks).

I usually don't have as much H$ in cash, therefore, my port is well-diversified between MovieStocks, StarBonds, Derivatives, and StudioFunds (including going long to the limit on BONDS).

Lastly, as far as StarBonds are concerned, I have never followed KaiGee or any other HSX fan site, let alone joined any leagues. This is simply because I have no interest in taking advice from HSX members who clearly spend 18+ hours a day adjusting their positions and most of these people are HSX billionaires who have multiple ports and blatantly manipulate this fake market beyond recognition of what the "prediction site" this used to be 20+ years ago.

Thank you for taking the time. I have a life, a wife and a daughter, and my real-world investments have nothing to do with my performance here as this site is not even close to how securities are traded, let alone stand as a free way to learn and practice trading for fun.

2019 End-of-Year Performance NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 09:25

OMG {nm} ndmaster Dec 31, 09:46

Ha your best joke yet keep them coming. {nm} hotsambatcho Dec 31, 11:00

Let me get this straight. You have H$14.5M total, H$2.2M invested and H$12M collecting 1.75% interest (or H$210K per year. Dreamer! Grunt Dec 31, 12:57

That's because I cashed out of many holdings before the New Year as I didn't want to risk carrying it over...New Year, new strategies. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 01, 15:39

What risk? You seem to think there is some YE or calendar risk to this game? NVT_vs_bonds Jan 02, 15:49

My experience on HSX over the past few years or so is that HSX billionaires favor shorts vs. longs {More->} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 03, 08:54

Good god, you sound like an uptight **** NVT_vs_bonds Jan 03, 15:52

Did you beat the NVT vs Bonds port? {nm} tatoufan Dec 31, 18:07

Uh, almost? NVT_vs_bonds Dec 31, 18:43

Wow, 127M only trading bonds? Not too shabby, nice work. {nm} tatoufan Dec 31, 22:10

Muchas gracias, senor! {nm} NVT_vs_bonds Jan 02, 15:50

You'll find as you collect more stocks or bonds, it becomes harder to earn $1M/day...some players have more time to play than others... {nm} Flash Jan 01, 10:37

There is a reason billionaires short. It is the best strategy..... Buy StarBond 32 Jan 04, 21:04

He either doesn't care, doesn't want to learn, or thinks he's a trading god. NVT_vs_bonds Jan 04, 22:25

You said you are "Done with his antics". Does that mean you will delete this account now? {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 05, 15:52

Of course not, are you an idiot? NVT_vs_bonds Jan 06, 13:12

You're only saying that because you have no intelligent response...I openly called your bluff and You're trolling me with your port. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 07, 12:53

You need to go on stage with these jokes. {nm} hotsambatcho Jan 07, 17:33

mrbinns: Please read my response to your comment...{More-->} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 05, 16:06

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