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I disagree with you...

Posted by: RazorHawk on Oct 19, 15:00 in response to StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS' post I disagree with that statement, and I think many other...

you want to get rich, you invest in things that are sure to make profits.  you want to hover around a certain amount in your port for a while then "take chances" and hope for the best.

your sure things will make you profits, and your risky stocks will eat all that profit.

right now mrbinns, you hold 1000 more stocks than me in your port (and you have 2.7 billion more than me).  But I have made 500k more than you today.  your overinvesting is eating up your profits.

we look at the top 100 lists

http://www.hsx.com/forum/forum.php?id=3&pid=69104 RH #18 binns #19

http://www.hsx.com/forum/forum.php?id=3&pid=68488 RH #16 binns #18

http://www.hsx.com/forum/forum.php?id=3&pid=64874 YTD Jan 2010-Aug 2010

RH=556mill binns=470mill


The 1,000 stocks that you have more than me is just extra baggage (and are actually eating some of your profits).  With a 1,000 more stocks, you make less money than me.

You are free to invest however you want and whatever you want, but I invest wisely and when I take the time to teach players who read my website, I try my best to pass on the important skills that I have learned to be a sucessful trader.  Investing in a starbond or starbonds who have no probable future adjust is a waste of your time and money.  It also makes your port cluttered and hard to organize.  You have 1,000 extra stocks, must be hard to keep an eye on all of them?

Why do you want players to invest in stocks and hold on to them for years with no guarentee of profit and clutter their ports?

Post Adjust Bond Show For 10/19/10   RazorHawk on Oct 19, 11:32

thx again for crunching the numbers {nm}   tealfan on Oct 19, 11:48

What happens if there are no future attachments...IF and WHEN there is a future adjust????   mrbinns on Oct 19, 12:16

Thanks for this although a couple of changes...   theun4gven on Oct 19, 12:23

Sorry that post should have been below the OP {nm}   theun4gven on Oct 19, 12:23

It's not worth holding if they don't have a future adjust. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 19, 12:42

I disagree with that statement, and I think many other large portfolio players would agree.   StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS on Oct 19, 14:11

Congratulations and thanks to mrbinns btw for the star bond fund, cashing out v soon! {nm}   RedDex on Oct 19, 14:36

There's no ROI if there's no future attachment.    Antibody on Oct 19, 14:56

I disagree with you...   RazorHawk on Oct 19, 15:00

This piqued my interest, and I did a little test to see whether bonds are dropping a big movie from their TAG fall in value   RogerMore on Oct 20, 08:38

Your conclusion could be true for all StarBond w/o scheduled adjust. Traders could be just dumping those StarBonds and moving on. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 20, 09:58

If that were true though, you'd expect the Starbonds that have a scheduled adjust to fall in price by more than the ones without one.   RogerMore on Oct 20, 13:23

Probably, I thought you were gonna show that inside your message.   Antibody on Oct 20, 14:02

I showed it in my first message - bonds dropping a big movie that have an adjust are on average $20.86 below current TAG.   RogerMore on Oct 20, 14:17

Then isn't the conclusion is that price drop because there is a next adjust, rather than what's falling out of the adjust? {nm}   Antibody on Oct 20, 14:53

Bonds with a scheduled adjust have dropped $20.86 (on average) Bonds with no scheduled adjust but something wrapped/in production have   RogerMore on Oct 20, 15:26

RH does note Bonds with something wrapped/in production, so those should be grouped with Bonds with a scheduled adjust.   Antibody on Oct 20, 15:58

I see another issue of contention - "is RH correct when he says mrbinns is over-investing?". That's the one I'm looking at. {nm}   RogerMore on Oct 20, 16:22

If nothing else, wish me happy anniversary.....today is exactly 10 years hanging out at HSX   mrbinns on Oct 21, 11:38

Happy anniversary! {nm}   RogerMore on Oct 21, 19:31

interesting...   RazorHawk on Oct 20, 10:40

I'm not arguing with you either, just providing information on a topic that intrigued me. But...   RogerMore on Oct 20, 13:54

When I have extra cash, (normally have cash problems) I do invest in starbonds with no scheduled adjust when a big movie is to be taken out. {nm}   Guillo on Oct 20, 12:37

Part of the fun of post-adjust (before the existence of the Post Adjust Bond Show at least)...   secretstalker on Oct 19, 17:31

Sure, but mrbinns is saying to hold it indefinitely for an adjust that may never come. {nm}   Antibody on Oct 20, 11:09

If its by the message he replied to you....I did not read "hold it indefinately for all cases". He suggested that sometimes is worthy.   Guillo on Oct 20, 12:33

Oh, I wouldn't do that... even with the ridiculous amounts of fake cash I have lying around. {nm}   secretstalker on Oct 20, 18:02

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