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CelebStock and StarBonds

If that were true though, you'd expect the Starbonds that have a scheduled adjust to fall in price by more than the ones without one.

Posted by: RogerMore on Oct 20, 13:23 in response to Antibody's post Your conclusion could be true for all StarBond w/o...

Generally though, it looks as though Starbonds that do not have a future scheduled adjust do decline in value.

I count 536 Starbonds without a scheduled adjust, and only 94 of these are at or above TAG.  The average starbond with no scheduled future adjust is trading at $8.91 below TAG.

I think this goes some way to explaining why Starbonds with a big movie dropping out next decline in value - because they all do. But there is downward pressure from traders speculation too.

Post Adjust Bond Show For 10/19/10 RazorHawk Oct 19, 11:32

thx again for crunching the numbers {nm} tealfan Oct 19, 11:48

What happens if there are no future attachments...IF and WHEN there is a future adjust???? mrbinns Oct 19, 12:16

Thanks for this although a couple of changes... theun4gven Oct 19, 12:23

Sorry that post should have been below the OP {nm} theun4gven Oct 19, 12:23

It's not worth holding if they don't have a future adjust. {nm} Antibody Oct 19, 12:42

I disagree with that statement, and I think many other large portfolio players would agree. StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS Oct 19, 14:11

Congratulations and thanks to mrbinns btw for the star bond fund, cashing out v soon! {nm} RedDex Oct 19, 14:36

There's no ROI if there's no future attachment. Antibody Oct 19, 14:56

I disagree with you... RazorHawk Oct 19, 15:00

This piqued my interest, and I did a little test to see whether bonds are dropping a big movie from their TAG fall in value RogerMore Oct 20, 08:38

Your conclusion could be true for all StarBond w/o scheduled adjust. Traders could be just dumping those StarBonds and moving on. {nm} Antibody Oct 20, 09:58

If that were true though, you'd expect the Starbonds that have a scheduled adjust to fall in price by more than the ones without one. RogerMore Oct 20, 13:23

Probably, I thought you were gonna show that inside your message. Antibody Oct 20, 14:02

I showed it in my first message - bonds dropping a big movie that have an adjust are on average $20.86 below current TAG. RogerMore Oct 20, 14:17

Then isn't the conclusion is that price drop because there is a next adjust, rather than what's falling out of the adjust? {nm} Antibody Oct 20, 14:53

Bonds with a scheduled adjust have dropped $20.86 (on average) Bonds with no scheduled adjust but something wrapped/in production have RogerMore Oct 20, 15:26

RH does note Bonds with something wrapped/in production, so those should be grouped with Bonds with a scheduled adjust. Antibody Oct 20, 15:58

I see another issue of contention - "is RH correct when he says mrbinns is over-investing?". That's the one I'm looking at. {nm} RogerMore Oct 20, 16:22

If nothing else, wish me happy anniversary.....today is exactly 10 years hanging out at HSX mrbinns Oct 21, 11:38

Happy anniversary! {nm} RogerMore Oct 21, 19:31

interesting... RazorHawk Oct 20, 10:40

I'm not arguing with you either, just providing information on a topic that intrigued me. But... RogerMore Oct 20, 13:54

When I have extra cash, (normally have cash problems) I do invest in starbonds with no scheduled adjust when a big movie is to be taken out. {nm} Guillo Oct 20, 12:37

Part of the fun of post-adjust (before the existence of the Post Adjust Bond Show at least)... secretstalker Oct 19, 17:31

Sure, but mrbinns is saying to hold it indefinitely for an adjust that may never come. {nm} Antibody Oct 20, 11:09

If its by the message he replied to you....I did not read "hold it indefinately for all cases". He suggested that sometimes is worthy. Guillo Oct 20, 12:33

Oh, I wouldn't do that... even with the ridiculous amounts of fake cash I have lying around. {nm} secretstalker Oct 20, 18:02

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