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Weekend Pass: Get An Education!

This weekend couples will get a chance to renew their love in the tropical getaway called Couples Retreat [CPLRT].  The cast of Vince Vaughn [VVAUG], Malin Akerman [MAKER], Jason Bateman [JBATE], Kristen Bell [KBELL], Jean Reno [JRENO] and Kristin Davis [KDAVI]  hope to make Couples Retreat one of Fall’s major comedies.  As the only wide release the film doesn’t have much competition and is keen to take number one.



A different sort of romance is featured in An Education [EDUCT], a film that premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and won the prestigious Audience Award.  Even though in limited release, An Education is hoping to garner a name for Oscar season. 



Directed by Lone Sherfig and scripted by writer Nick Hornby, An Education has a dedication to tell a good story and shows little use for formula.  Newcomer Carey Mulligan [CMULL] has delighted with her charming portrayal of an English girl named Jenny en route to Oxford University.  Her conservative and loving parents played by Alfred Molina [AMOLI] and Cara Seymour, are vigilant to keep their daughter on her track to success.



Vivacious and bright, Jenny catches the eye of a much older, rich man named David, played very aptly by Peter Saarsgard [PSARS].  David introduces Jenny to a world of glamour and high living that makes her world seem drab and useless.  If she could cavort with the rich and privileged, who needs Oxford?  Her new circle includes the couple Danny and Helen, played by Dominic Cooper [DCOOP] and Rosamund Pike [RPIKE].  With their brilliant daughter tempted by the glamour of society life, Jenny’s parents hold fast to their vision of her future.  Not a young girl and not yet a woman, Jenny must figure out what her destiny holds.



Hornby has a knack for writing scripts that audiences love.  One of his most well-known works, About a Boy remains a favorite.  An Education has been applauded for portraying real characters faced with extraordinary choices.  Mulligan is fast gaining ground as a sought-after actress, landing two big films; Never Let Me Go [NLMGO] and as Shia Labeouf’s [SLABE] love interest in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps [WALS2]. 



Even though it is not nationwide, the film has gotten good word of mouth.  With an exciting newcomer, an excellent cast and good writing, An Education is looking to become a player this award season. 


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