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So collective wisdom is enough for you to shut up and prosecute anyone who doesn't think as you do.

Posted by: Filmstardust on Feb 09, 19:46 in response to Moviesnob's post I prefer the words "collective wisdom

Funny thing is you think you are right. You are truly convinced. 

Do you want me to list the amount of crimes against humanity that have been done, just because the "collective wisdom" of those times were ok with it?

But I don't care your political inclination, what i worry is that you are convinced that just because you think x way, it is ok for film, or any other art, to brainwash people who just want to be entertained. 

That's what Nationalist Dictators do. Right-wing, Left-wing, the same crap. they all do that. They confiscate the media, and they brainwash their people. and that's what you are suppoting. But is ok for you, because you are on the same page with those ideas.


THR: How 'Birds of Prey' Deconstructs the Male Gaze Antibody Feb 08, 09:12

So definitely PC... If I read this right. The fans are right that the film has every man in the film as bad. {nm} VictorY Feb 08, 09:15

You keep using that word. I don't not think you know what it means {nm} Inigo Montoya Feb 08, 09:30

PC meaning is apt, PC is all about controlling the narrative, PC is any male, anti-white, marxist agenda.. watch this vid PC-fascism disguised as manners Feb 08, 20:21

Nah, 90% of PC is basically another word for “polite”. PC is just a made up phrase to describe new rules for politeness that some RogerMore Feb 09, 07:35

Big change in America over 50-75 years: Bigots no longer wish to be known (publicly) as bigots. SenJohnBlutarsky Feb 09, 09:23

Not the first time you’ve missed the entire point. {nm} RogerMore Feb 08, 09:32

I reject PC. That's why I now call a stale bigot a stale bigot. A half-educated, superstitious slack-jaw a half-educated, superstitious SenJohnBlutarsky Feb 08, 11:09

You do realize you sound just like a Bizarro World inverse of an arch-evangelical, right? Pepe_Nolan Feb 08, 11:43

I root for reason, education, science, modernity, tolerance, freedom, inclusivity. I have disdain for those who prefer bigotry, SenJohnBlutarsky Feb 08, 12:33

You are so tolerant to different opinions, so open minded... you, keeper of the truth, you brave person! {nm} Filmstardust Feb 08, 17:32

Appeasing bigotry is nothing to be proud of. {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky Feb 08, 19:39

"Bigotry: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own" So, you are talking about yourself {nm} Filmstardust Feb 08, 20:54

Clingers try that 'Dems are the real racists' and 'calling a bigot a bigot is bigoted' stuff, but it only works w half-educated clingers{nm} SenJohnBlutarsky Feb 09, 09:24

There's a justifiable limit to tolerance. Karl Proper theorized that there has to be an end to tolerance or ideas used to harm others Moviesnob Feb 09, 09:27

*Popper {nm} Moviesnob Feb 09, 09:27

The owners of the truth. Congratulations. {nm} Filmstardust Feb 09, 12:00

I prefer the words "collective wisdom {nm} Moviesnob Feb 09, 12:20

So collective wisdom is enough for you to shut up and prosecute anyone who doesn't think as you do. Filmstardust Feb 09, 19:46

thats not what collective wisdom means. Its not an absolute ideology. Its a learning philosophy {nm} Moviesnob Feb 10, 04:54

Well said! Great post from top to bottom. {nm} MiyazakiFan Feb 09, 06:10

What's wrong with your portfolio, VictorY? Is it too woke? Does HSX discriminate against stale-thinking white males? {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky Feb 08, 11:13

The problem is that Harley is SO ANOYINGGGGGGGG {nm} Gogreen Feb 08, 09:17

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