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Damn. Didn’t realize how bleak things looked. {nm}

Posted by: Opener Fund (a.k.a OPENRfund) on May 07, 19:59 in response to lobogotti's post HSX Members, Please Read for Updates...

HSX Members, Please Read for Updates... lobogotti May 03, 14:35

Alabama to Clarence: "You're so cool." {nm} Paul2k May 03, 15:04

I legit spit my drink out on that one. Paul, these people don’t know we’re buddies offline :) {nm} lobogotti May 03, 15:10

Thanks for the update and thanks for telling it like it is. {nm} tallbridge May 03, 15:15

no problem. hopefully we get some good news this week. {nm} lobogotti May 03, 15:33

Hey, thanks for giving it your best shot. Worse case scenario, we all reunite somewhere... {nm} TerenceHill May 03, 15:16

I’ll keep going until they’re is no room to wiggle. Yeah, there are boards that exist we could migrate to or create a new one. lobogotti May 03, 15:35

thanks for the video...yeah probably a good idea...I didn't get the Clarence reference up there =P {nm} tealfan May 03, 15:21

Paul thinks of me as Patricia Arquette from True Romance {nm} lobogotti May 03, 15:31

Hello from looooooong dead ghost of the David Fund DAVIDF May 03, 15:34

Why not start crowdfunding right away? If we don't raise enough to buy HSX, we could build our own. {nm} bsbbtnh May 03, 16:50

I'd feel more comfortable starting that process when there was a Board (and specified volunteer roles) in place. lobogotti May 03, 17:20

In case HSX can't be saved, we can consider to continue in a private facebook group. We can have OW, call and put options as polls... extepan May 03, 17:29

uncertain how others feel about it, but we can poll the idea if we run out of options {nm} lobogotti May 03, 21:32

Great video...you are adorable! {nm} Movie Cub May 03, 18:08

I think you’re being funny, but thank you {nm} lobogotti May 03, 21:33

Thanks for the update. I'm a little surprised how much this has upset me ... bface May 03, 18:31

if you look at the polling numbers, nearly half of those individuals are just like you... playing 20+. that’s some serious time lobogotti May 03, 21:35

Thanks a lot for that video, Lobo. TFeeney May 04, 16:49

Lobo, re: "Are you qualified?" Before you gave your background my first thought was you are qualified because you stepped up. DTravel May 03, 18:39

you’re definitely not off in your suggestions. that is in discussion currently. thank you for the kind words. {nm} lobogotti May 03, 19:00

"Are you qualified" is a fair question, especially when asking for $, but not many people would have the combo of owning an IT business and RogerMore May 03, 19:20

definitely a fair question and I thought I should address it. as I’ve said, I hope a strong board can be formed and thise lobogotti May 03, 19:26

Dumb question, but could we reverse engineer a site? TheDowIsUp May 03, 20:31

it can be done, but you’ll lose all the history within each port. you’d lose all the history of everything, really. the lobogotti May 03, 21:31

Would we need much history, though? bsbbtnh May 04, 07:43

Please consider the benefits of taking this type of discussion to a non-public forum. Thank you. {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky May 04, 10:34

would you please email me... lobogotti May 04, 11:10

A valid point. An email list is easy enough, I can set one up if desired. {nm} DTravel May 04, 13:21

Appreciate the update and the inside look at the challenges. Thanks for leading the charge. Excelsior! {nm} gsquared May 03, 21:15

my wife and I just turned off Silver Linings Playbook, not 10 minutes ago.... seriously. and thanks {nm} lobogotti May 03, 21:27

where's crazy max keiser when you need him? {nm} tentin quarentino May 03, 22:46

heh, that’s not a bad idea actually {nm} lobogotti May 04, 04:43

Great vid, thanks for the update. But I don't think someone who wears a Butler Bulldog hat is qualified. Haha, jk. {nm} avandelay May 04, 04:19

go Dogs! {nm} lobogotti May 04, 04:44

Has Cantor had any economic reason for having kept this going, other than Good Will? Has the predictive date been sold? Is there anyone out mrbinns May 04, 06:28

I believe they wanted to turn this into an actual exchange, using real money. {nm} bsbbtnh May 04, 07:45

The Cantor Exchange experiment was a decade ago.... Amazing how time flies. {nm} HurricaneKid May 04, 07:47

Delta House recommends that anyone involved in trying to preserve HSX refrain from substantive public comments. Trust us, we're pre-law. SenJohnBlutarsky May 04, 07:11

I have to believe that there is a potential untapped user-base out there for HSX. HurricaneKid May 04, 07:55

YouTube says "Video Unavailable - This Video Is Private" {nm} PhoneHome May 04, 08:31

I get the same {nm} erhead56 May 04, 11:37

I took it private for a bit. I'll update here when I turn it back on... sorry for the inconvenience {nm} lobogotti May 04, 11:55

okay, I turned it back on. {nm} lobogotti May 04, 15:35

I thought you were going to be a basement neckbeard but pleasantly relieved. {nm} Prophecy May 04, 16:06

How many digits are Cantor ball-parking the price of this thing? Prophecy May 04, 16:08

hope to get this info out soon. {nm} lobogotti May 04, 16:22

ha, well you caught me on a good day. {nm} lobogotti May 04, 16:21

Thanks - and by the way, are you really the alter ego of Mojo Rawley? {nm} Torfin May 05, 06:16

lol {nm} lobogotti May 05, 10:03

You rock man. could you please give me access to the survey? {nm} L3stat May 05, 08:09

the link to the results are listed in the post. {nm} lobogotti May 05, 10:02

meant for you L3stat {nm} lobogotti May 05, 10:03

Damn. Didn’t realize how bleak things looked. Opener Fund May 07, 19:59

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