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Hello from looooooong dead ghost of the David Fund

Posted by: DAVIDF on May 03, 15:34 in response to lobogotti's post HSX Members, Please Read for Updates...

Hey, folks. It's David. In the days before the days before, back when people were talking about the hot new thing, the dinosaur, I was a player here. Think Babe Ruth, only thinner, taller, and not at all a fan of Babe Ruth.

Okay, maybe not Babe Ruth. I was *at least* Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown, though.

If you know me, hi! Why don't you ever call or write?

If you don't know me, well, who in the Blue Hell are you?

Anyway, I owe many of my dearest friends and the relationship with my wife to HSX.

So, if there's anything I can do to keep it running, let me know.

To the Cantor folks who may read this, back in 2001, I was the guy talking with you about how to set up accurate punting. We would have had a deal if not for the 9/11 tragedy.

I realize that was like eight generations of employees ago. However, if anybody from that era is still around, we were these people:


We won every bet we made with you save for Monsters, Inc. You simultaneously loved and hated us and really wanted to bring us into the fold at the time.

Also, you made my departed friend, texx, enough money to take both his girlfriends to Tahoe one (lost) weekend. So, thank you on his behalf! Also, it was smart of you to befriend him. He was known to taser his enemies.

But again, I digress.

To a larger point, I've gotten my name in the paper (remember newspapers?) a few hundred times. I've also gotten to write some books. None of that would have happened without HSX. I'm grateful and want to keep the lights on.

Please contact me if there's something tangible I can do. HSX is a phenomenal idea that happened too early in the curve. It's not too late to turn this game into something more universal, Cantor. Someone should try.

HSX Members, Please Read for Updates... lobogotti May 03, 14:35

Alabama to Clarence: "You're so cool." {nm} Paul2k May 03, 15:04

I legit spit my drink out on that one. Paul, these people don’t know we’re buddies offline :) {nm} lobogotti May 03, 15:10

Thanks for the update and thanks for telling it like it is. {nm} tallbridge May 03, 15:15

no problem. hopefully we get some good news this week. {nm} lobogotti May 03, 15:33

Hey, thanks for giving it your best shot. Worse case scenario, we all reunite somewhere... {nm} TerenceHill May 03, 15:16

I’ll keep going until they’re is no room to wiggle. Yeah, there are boards that exist we could migrate to or create a new one. lobogotti May 03, 15:35

thanks for the video...yeah probably a good idea...I didn't get the Clarence reference up there =P {nm} tealfan May 03, 15:21

Paul thinks of me as Patricia Arquette from True Romance {nm} lobogotti May 03, 15:31

Hello from looooooong dead ghost of the David Fund DAVIDF May 03, 15:34

Why not start crowdfunding right away? If we don't raise enough to buy HSX, we could build our own. {nm} bsbbtnh May 03, 16:50

I'd feel more comfortable starting that process when there was a Board (and specified volunteer roles) in place. lobogotti May 03, 17:20

In case HSX can't be saved, we can consider to continue in a private facebook group. We can have OW, call and put options as polls... extepan May 03, 17:29

uncertain how others feel about it, but we can poll the idea if we run out of options {nm} lobogotti May 03, 21:32

Great video...you are adorable! {nm} Movie Cub May 03, 18:08

I think you’re being funny, but thank you {nm} lobogotti May 03, 21:33

Thanks for the update. I'm a little surprised how much this has upset me ... bface May 03, 18:31

if you look at the polling numbers, nearly half of those individuals are just like you... playing 20+. that’s some serious time lobogotti May 03, 21:35

Thanks a lot for that video, Lobo. TFeeney May 04, 16:49

Lobo, re: "Are you qualified?" Before you gave your background my first thought was you are qualified because you stepped up. DTravel May 03, 18:39

you’re definitely not off in your suggestions. that is in discussion currently. thank you for the kind words. {nm} lobogotti May 03, 19:00

"Are you qualified" is a fair question, especially when asking for $, but not many people would have the combo of owning an IT business and RogerMore May 03, 19:20

definitely a fair question and I thought I should address it. as I’ve said, I hope a strong board can be formed and thise lobogotti May 03, 19:26

Dumb question, but could we reverse engineer a site? TheDowIsUp May 03, 20:31

it can be done, but you’ll lose all the history within each port. you’d lose all the history of everything, really. the lobogotti May 03, 21:31

Would we need much history, though? bsbbtnh May 04, 07:43

Please consider the benefits of taking this type of discussion to a non-public forum. Thank you. {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky May 04, 10:34

would you please email me... lobogotti May 04, 11:10

A valid point. An email list is easy enough, I can set one up if desired. {nm} DTravel May 04, 13:21

Appreciate the update and the inside look at the challenges. Thanks for leading the charge. Excelsior! {nm} gsquared May 03, 21:15

my wife and I just turned off Silver Linings Playbook, not 10 minutes ago.... seriously. and thanks {nm} lobogotti May 03, 21:27

where's crazy max keiser when you need him? {nm} tentin quarentino May 03, 22:46

heh, that’s not a bad idea actually {nm} lobogotti May 04, 04:43

Great vid, thanks for the update. But I don't think someone who wears a Butler Bulldog hat is qualified. Haha, jk. {nm} avandelay May 04, 04:19

go Dogs! {nm} lobogotti May 04, 04:44

Has Cantor had any economic reason for having kept this going, other than Good Will? Has the predictive date been sold? Is there anyone out mrbinns May 04, 06:28

I believe they wanted to turn this into an actual exchange, using real money. {nm} bsbbtnh May 04, 07:45

The Cantor Exchange experiment was a decade ago.... Amazing how time flies. {nm} HurricaneKid May 04, 07:47

Delta House recommends that anyone involved in trying to preserve HSX refrain from substantive public comments. Trust us, we're pre-law. SenJohnBlutarsky May 04, 07:11

I have to believe that there is a potential untapped user-base out there for HSX. HurricaneKid May 04, 07:55

YouTube says "Video Unavailable - This Video Is Private" {nm} PhoneHome May 04, 08:31

I get the same {nm} erhead56 May 04, 11:37

I took it private for a bit. I'll update here when I turn it back on... sorry for the inconvenience {nm} lobogotti May 04, 11:55

okay, I turned it back on. {nm} lobogotti May 04, 15:35

I thought you were going to be a basement neckbeard but pleasantly relieved. {nm} Prophecy May 04, 16:06

How many digits are Cantor ball-parking the price of this thing? Prophecy May 04, 16:08

hope to get this info out soon. {nm} lobogotti May 04, 16:22

ha, well you caught me on a good day. {nm} lobogotti May 04, 16:21

Thanks - and by the way, are you really the alter ego of Mojo Rawley? {nm} Torfin May 05, 06:16

lol {nm} lobogotti May 05, 10:03

You rock man. could you please give me access to the survey? {nm} L3stat May 05, 08:09

the link to the results are listed in the post. {nm} lobogotti May 05, 10:02

meant for you L3stat {nm} lobogotti May 05, 10:03

Damn. Didn’t realize how bleak things looked. {nm} Opener Fund May 07, 19:59

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