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Posted by: Antibody on Dec 03, 10:42 in response to pickle rick!'s post V: welp, the new WB regime really does appear to be that...


V: welp, the new WB regime really does appear to be that dumb. will release entire 2021 slate on HBO Max and theatrical pickle rick! Dec 03, 10:36

HBOMax/Theaters [MTRX4] [DUNE] [INHTS] [TMSON] [SUIC2] [LTHNG] [JWMHB] [TMJRY] [GOVKO] [MK3] [TWWMD] [CNJU3] [SJAM2] [REMNS] [SLVCP] [KRICH] Antibody Dec 03, 10:42

IPO Streaming Fund? IPO Eff Theatrical Fund? IPO Knee-Jerk Studio Reactions Fund? IPO No Longer Playing in AMC/Regal Fund? {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Dec 03, 10:52

Wow... WW84 $15 call/put. Would have been $100 if not for COVID. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Dec 03, 11:02

Official HBO Max trailer Antibody Dec 03, 11:10

if cable TV history has taught me anything it's that monthly fees can rise infinitely and subscribers will never cancel their service pickle rick! Dec 03, 11:15

Sweet...I don't sign in for an hour and lose $27m hahahaha!! Good thing real stocks have news and price alerts! :) {nm} tomcat90 Dec 03, 11:21

The fastest swing I’ve ever seen on this site. (Nm) The Big Short Dec 03, 11:39

Swinging too far in the wrong direction. {nm} HurricaneKid Dec 03, 11:25

the thing about AT&T is it's an internet company and apparently has no interest in being an actual film studio {nm} pickle rick! Dec 03, 11:26

They don't get a free pass for mismanaging their assets just because corporate is internet-driven. {nm} HurricaneKid Dec 03, 11:57

i'm saying they don't see it as mismanaging. this seems to have been the plan all along in acquiring Time-Warner, {nm} pickle rick! Dec 03, 12:07

Time-Warner knew in 2016 that a pandemic would destroy cinemas in 2020, forcing them to launch their 2021 lineup on streaming? Nifty plan... HurricaneKid Dec 03, 12:11

*ATT, not Time-Warner {nm} HurricaneKid Dec 03, 12:12

COVID is a pretext for what they appear to have wanted to do all along with the TW assets {nm} pickle rick! Dec 03, 12:19

I agree that's what they are doing, and what they wanted to do long term, virus or not. I disagree with them doing it in this context. HurricaneKid Dec 03, 12:33

Not quite. SImultaneous Streaming will dramatically undercut the potential for theatrical gross. ndmaster Dec 03, 11:39

Oops, meant for hurricanekid's response {nm} ndmaster Dec 03, 11:40

BILL3 made $3.4M, so no on close to zero. {nm} Antibody Dec 03, 11:48

Compared to where it was trading only 3 months prior? I'd have to disagree. ndmaster Dec 03, 11:58

The point is not what they're trading at, but how much these movies will make, .which won't be close to zero. {nm} Antibody Dec 03, 12:29

You have an odd take on almost everything on this site. c'est la vie {nm} ndmaster Dec 03, 12:53

It's not odd to call out exaggerations. {nm} Antibody Dec 03, 13:00

Compared to 100 or even 50 -that's close enough to call it that {nm} JDolphin Dec 03, 12:28

We'll see what happens with WOND2, but there are people who will watch on the biggest screen possible. {nm} Antibody Dec 03, 12:32

Post has nothing to do with WOND2 {nm} JDolphin Dec 03, 16:17

cool. and not dumb. as a trial, in the current situation, theres not anything better they could have done. {nm} islndr Dec 03, 12:00

if the vaccine rollout proceeds as forecast, US theaters could be back to full capacity (or near full) by summer {nm} pickle rick! Dec 03, 12:06

1. no way vaccine rollout happens smoothly. 2. audiences going to be slow to go back regardless {nm} islndr Dec 03, 12:16

lol, have you seen how people are already acting even without a vaccine? {nm} pickle rick! Dec 03, 12:18

Hard to tell what the reaction will be, that CROODS 2 was a (mild) breakout, vs FREAKY is interesting from audience risk standpoint notfabio Dec 03, 12:28

I don't think audiences will be all that slow to go back to theaters once things are safe next year. HurricaneKid Dec 03, 12:36

Yep. Everything takes longer than what "optimistic" projections predict. The public has been strung along, this will be a long time.... {nm} 3ebfan511 Dec 03, 12:38

While it will definitely generate a lot of excitement for HBO Max, ripple effects will kill hundreds (possibly thousands) of theatres. {nm} notfabio Dec 03, 12:07

That dumb? LOL... They are jumping ship after the iceberg has already been hit. Smartest move in media in years. Theaters are dead. {nm} MuskMan Dec 03, 13:04

2020 just went from bad to worse (SCREW YOU WARNER BROS {nm} Alby Dec 04, 03:26

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