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And the PVL leagues...

Posted by: Rocket123 aka PVL Admin (a.k.a Rocket123) on Mar 19, 16:44 in response to Rocket123 aka PVL Admin's post What really happened to Rocket: for all inquiring minds

Ok, so many months ago now, I posted that I would be moving across Canada to accept a new position in the Maritimes.  I did not know how long it would take to get my footing in my new position.  There was some speculation, which from a gossip point of view, I tried to prevent prior to my sebatical with a pre-departure post.  Of course, posts get buried over time...

I was right about it being a very busy place/job and was correct with respect to my premonition that it would be very time consuming...that is to say, all-time-consuming.  Early on, I could tell that there was NO WAY I could manage the PVLs any more, and both these scenarios are expected to persist for well over 2 years. 

So I made a decision.  I probably could have mentioned it in the forums, but I honestly just didn't think about it any further. I regretted that I could no longer manage either my Port nor my Leagues.  So, with some sorrow, I closed shop.  I just could not let the leagues languish without attention for 2+ years.

Am I happy about the changes at HSX, not really.  But, those are the things outside my control.  One either accepts them or moves on.  The timing, however, is somewhat coincidental.  I didn't leave, nor close the PVLs because of the changes.  EVERYTHING was motivated solely by my inability to carry on playing the game.

Despite the fact I made several port cleanup trades today, I am not "back".  My heavy workload will persist.  I just had some time and thought I would come by and visit for a while.

oh, and Mike 255:  I have had a job for over 31 years, twice as long as you have been alive...and a carreer for over 27; thus why I have 100 subordinates now and why I am, unlike you, so busy.

Thanks to all who favoured PVL Leagues (since 2009)!  Sorry I could not continue.

See you all when I can; if not, I wish you all the best.


What really happened to Rocket: for all inquiring minds {nm}   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Mar 19, 16:32

And the PVL leagues...   Rocket123 aka PVL Admin on Mar 19, 16:44

funny thing about rockets... they go exciting places and do exciting things. Best wishes Rocket!    🐨 on Mar 19, 19:24

I wish you well and hope you will be able to return to HSX someday. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 19, 21:22

Hope things continue to go well for you...best wishes in your new adventures!! {nm}   =Flash on Mar 20, 11:46

Nothing but best wishes and all success Rocket! See you back on ol' HSX someday! {nm}   PARAXFund on Mar 21, 09:27

Thanks for feeding our competitive needs as we grew our HSX ports from the ground up! {nm}    slappydavid on Mar 21, 16:38

Best wishes! Thanks for all you did! {nm}   OPENRfund on Mar 23, 19:31

All the best ( and can't you hire Mike255 as well ? ) {nm}   JMT-NL on Mar 24, 03:15

I can say without a doubt that your hard work in your leagues is what brought me back to the game in '13. Thanks Rocket! {nm}   Willroast on Apr 01, 21:01

Burn, scratch, chop Mike255...Take it easy Rocket! {nm}   It's Evolution, Baby! on Apr 03, 07:58

Thanks for all you did here. Where are you in the Maritimes?   second gary on Apr 16, 07:22

thanks for stopping by!...glad all is well {nm}   tealfan on Mar 19, 23:16

Nice to see you again! To be honest: not the changes were hard for me, more that you stopped the leagues ;) wish you well! {nm}   sphere on Mar 20, 04:00

Thanks for the clarification and best of luck! The PVL leagues are missed. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 05, 21:22

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