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And another thing:

Posted by: accountant_4_Jesus (a.k.a del_SJW_accountant_4_Jesus) on Mar 27, 16:12 in response to BSmurf's post I can do this all day:

You're arguing that homosexuals are born that way, and that therefore they shouldn't be criticized for what they're doing. Why aren't you arguing the same for rapists, or pedophiles, or murderers, or serial adulterers, etc? The fact that you're accepting that some people's behaviour can be explained by being "born that way" therefore excuses them from any responsibility for their actions because you're saying it's not a choice, and also opens up the can of worms where we then have to ask "Are there any other people who can't help their actions because they're "born that way"?" Either everyone has to choose what they want to do and are therefore responsible for their actions, or everyone is just born the way they are and if they're born a rapist they can't help what they do, or if they're born a murderer they can't help what they do, etc. There's no in-between. You can't possibly justify the fact that one part of the population could be born as homosexuals and not another part of the population being born as murderers or rapists etc. That's a really really slippery slope you're on there. Careful, you might get burnt at the bottom...

One nfl player will come out. He is gay!! mike255 Mar 26, 14:07

Out of the Closet? Or out of the Huddle? {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2013 Mar 26, 16:05

Or worst of all - Out of the Lineup? {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2013 Mar 26, 16:12

Why do people feel the need to publicly announce their sexual preference? Do they think it somehow justifies their choice? accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 17:03

actually, I thought the trend now was to mention it casually...like simply saying "me and my partner watched a movie" for example {nm} tealfan Mar 26, 17:15

That's what I would normally expect people to do as well. accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 17:21

I disagree. whitewalls Mar 26, 17:35

Fair enough. {nm} accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 17:38

It isn't a choice... They were born that way and made in God's image. {nm} skamanfu Mar 26, 17:41

No, they weren't born that way. That kind of thinking is based on the fraudulent "research" done into sexual behaviours by Alfred Kinsey. {nm} accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 17:45

You should look into the xq28 research. Scientific research. Not just a book touted as the truth {nm} skamanfu Mar 26, 17:50

here is an article from a Psychology Journal that I think you should read lapuckfan Mar 26, 18:11

I'm currently looking into the other claims, but any article that references Kinsey's "research" as valid should immediately be discarded. accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 18:44

Discounting the entire article based on Kinsey would be wrong. There is some fairly compelling medical evidence presented in there {nm} lapuckfan Mar 26, 18:54

And I'd like to point out that the numerous criminal claims on Kinsey's research have never been proved and are often motivated by agendas {nm} Moviesnob Mar 26, 20:26

Why do people feel the need to publicly announce their religious preference? Do they think it somehow justifies their choice? {nm} skamanfu Mar 26, 17:42

I think its beyond unfair and completely inappropriate for you to keep comparing homosexuality to pedophelia and rape {nm} lapuckfan Mar 26, 17:49

Exactly! There's a big difference between Christianity and bigotry. {nm} skamanfu Mar 26, 17:52

Why? The consent issue? accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 18:18

I believe the basis of you argument is completely misguided, & there is no convincing you otherwise, so what is the point of furthering this {nm} lapuckfan Mar 26, 18:26

See my response to your post about the article from a psychology journal. {nm} accountant_4_Jesus Mar 26, 18:48

I can do this all day: BSmurf Mar 26, 21:13

*slow clap* {nm} skamanfu Mar 26, 22:14

Wrong, once again. accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 15:37

And another thing: accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 16:12

Wrong, once again... skamanfu Mar 27, 20:36

Whoops... I said I was done with this, but biggotry always pulls me back in. Why can't their be an 11th commandment? {nm} skamanfu Mar 27, 20:37

Haven't you ever heard of something called temptation? accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 21:45

You forget about a little thing called "Free will" skamanfu Mar 27, 23:30

One reason is to stand up to the people who think they are inferior. If you were gay, then every day you would see reminders that you are RogerMore Mar 26, 19:41

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