The Fabelmans H$15 Call Wed-Sun

IPO Date:Nov 9, 2022


Options are Hollywood Derivatives based around a specific event. This form of speculation lasts only for the opening weekend, which is the first Friday to Sunday of wide release, unless otherwise defined.


A call option speculates that the related MovieStock will have a higher box office take for its opening weekend than the strike price. A H$20 call has a strike price of $20M, and will delist at zero if the movie does not make $20 million or more during opening weekend. If the film makes more than $20 million it will cash out at a price determined by the following formula: (Actual Box Office - Strike Price). For Example: if the film made $25 million the call would cash out at H$5.00 (H$25 - H$20).

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The Fabelmans H$15 Call Wed-Sun (SPIEL.CA)

H$0.95 H$0.00 (0.00%)

Change Today Current Value

Shares Held Long on HSX: 2,287,118
Shares Held Short on HSX: 2,292,172
Trading Volume on HSX (Today): 0

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This Week H$1.17 H$0.96
This Month H$2.62 H$0.96
This Season H$2.62 H$0.96
This Year H$2.62 H$0.96

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