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Don't make it personal like you just did. It was a question.

Posted by: icecreamman on Jul 05, 10:15 in response to BSmurf's post If it were false, wouldn't you have an actual, factual...

Based on my news feeds,  more high paid celebrities would benefit from Trumps tax breaks, but yet they still publicly denounce him.  Either they don't get the tax breaks or the tax breaks are a fabrication.  Either way, I don't care.  Obamacare has been the single most destructive thing in my world(financially speaking). 

V blames Trump for the R-rated comedy bombs Antibody Jul 04, 09:16

Sure, lol. Lots to blame Trump on, this isn't one of them. {nm} -JPV- Jul 04, 09:36

Trump cures cancer, liberal claims Trump forced doctors out of work. {nm} TJNFL1 Jul 04, 11:49

Trump pushes for tax break for the ultra rich at the expense of millions of people who can no longer afford health insurance. TJNFL1 Cheers! BSmurf Jul 04, 12:46

When did he that? You must work for CNN {nm} tteddy286 Jul 04, 20:26

He's in the process of trying to do that. {nm} Jay_Beezy Jul 05, 04:53

If that were true, wouldn't Hollywood support Trump?? {nm} icecreamman Jul 05, 06:31

If it were false, wouldn't you have an actual, factual comeback, instead of deflecting into an obvious and false straw man distraction? BSmurf Jul 05, 07:04

Don't make it personal like you just did. It was a question. icecreamman Jul 05, 10:15

You're assuming that tax breaks and money is all people care about. Actors, even the ones earning millions per movie, remember when they RogerMore Jul 05, 10:26

I agree with you....and don't touch my guns! {nm} icecreamman Jul 05, 13:53

Making it personal is the perfect way to frame the argument. When you speak in abstracts ("Hollywood...") it implies that everyone BSmurf Jul 05, 12:17

I'm not calling any one person out. You are calling me out. That is personal. Can't you be accepting of me just the way I am?? icecreamman Jul 05, 13:49

I'm sorry if you believe (or have been led (incessantky so...) to believe that Obamacare is ruining you financially. TJNFL1 Jul 05, 15:08

spelling corrections: deductibles and frustration {nm} TJNFL1 Jul 05, 15:20

Bookmarked for future reference should Trumpcare pass. Careful what you wish for. We should all be working towards health cafre BSmurf Jul 05, 15:23

you should probably talk to the insurance companies that refuse to participate in the ACA exchanges, for starters slipping jimmy Jul 05, 15:50

Jimmy, the ACA is just robbery.  You steal / you tax / you fine, whoever does not buy your product, regardless of what anyone wants. TJNFL1 Jul 05, 21:50

Thanks TJNFL1 {nm} icecreamman Jul 05, 15:51

offs. make funnier movies. {nm} CSBD Jul 04, 11:44

Easier to blame others. {nm} -JPV- Jul 04, 13:02

Though it's not really blame, just a post-mortem. It wouldn't surprise me if audience tastes have changed with Obama out and Trump in. RogerMore Jul 04, 16:44

Sniper movies will be a big hit, and The Dead Zone is due for a remake. {nm} fricnfractal Jul 04, 20:08

We could do with another conspiracy so maybe its time for them to remake Manchurian Candidate {nm} albrown Jul 04, 20:38

They already did one with Meryl Streep more or less playing Hillary,... {nm} -JPV- Jul 04, 22:00

I agree tastes may have changed, but it doesn't entirely have to do with Obama/Trump. Jay_Beezy Jul 05, 05:02

Sure, but the article is saying that the concept that makes a successful comedy has changed - adult debauchery movies are out of audience RogerMore Jul 05, 07:59

Folks can see a crap movie a mile away and they aren't going to spend money on them anymore. leo21 Jul 05, 15:57

At this point, Girl's Trip being a hit would not be surprising. Jay_Beezy Jul 05, 19:28

quote from shakespeare in love GHOSTWRITER Jul 05, 10:05

ah, one of the best scripts ever {nm} daveart Jul 05, 10:28

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