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*last 50-100 years and billions of tax-free dollars {nm}

Posted by: tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:16 in response to tawdryhepburn's post As opposed to that one religion that has spent the last...

Someone should make a movie about the Cult of Scientology. I bet Rupert Murdoch would fund it. PT Anderson's The Master doesn't count {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 15:44

Why would Murdoch fund it? {nm}   dioneta on Jul 05, 15:50

he sent out a tweet a few days ago that was interpreted by some press watchers as directing his reporters to attack {nm}   daveart on Jul 05, 15:58

Attack who? {nm}   dioneta on Jul 05, 16:04

I just looked it up...Calling it a cult and creepy certainly doesn't add up to a "call to arms" in my book {nm}   dioneta on Jul 05, 16:06

well, given the amount of media he owns, it was interpreted that way by some media watchers; I never saw the tweet myself {nm}   daveart on Jul 05, 16:26

Link inside. While not an overt "call to arms", it states his opinion clearly. His employees took note, I'm sure.   Decoman on Jul 05, 17:18

interesting; I just found this one that says Scientologists (Cruise specifically) had tried to woo over one of his sons   daveart on Jul 05, 17:39

I would trust Scientology more than I would trust Murdoch. {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 15:53

Btw, I don't trust Scientology. ;-) {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 15:57

You really should re-think that. {nm}   Dales on Jul 05, 15:58

You trust someone like Murdoch? {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 16:10

As opposed to that one religion that has spent the last 50-100+yrs on an international conspiracy to aide and abet child rapists. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:16

*last 50-100 years and billions of tax-free dollars {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:16

100 years? Scientology, not Mormons. It was started by L Ron Hubbard in the 50's. {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 16:40

I was referring to the Catholic Church, but left out the name so as to avoid seeming like a baiting troll. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:44

Um, didn't get the reference, since Christianity has been around for oh, about 2012 years. ;-) {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 16:46

LOL, yeah. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:47

*1800, maximum. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:51

1983 years, to be exact. The term itself "Christian" was first used as a derogation ~40-50 AD and is recorded by luke. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:54

So I take it you don't see any movies released by 20th Century Fox or its subsidiaries? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:26

Watching a movie, doesn't really require a whole lot of trust for me. Just entertainment. {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 16:49

As opposed to the cult of Christianity? Bigotry is bigotry, friend. Scientology *is* a religion.   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:12

Last I checked, Christianity doesn't videotape confessions, have its own version of The Secret Service, or follow people like Katie is being {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:15

his point (although I dont agree you can compare prejudice of religion to gender and race) is that Christianity has done evil things as well {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:19

Islam has too yet he doesn't point that out. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:20

that would have been a better response than saying Christians haven't committed similar negative acts. Or you can point out   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:26

I haven't finished reading the Koran yet, and I do see protests of crimes commited in the name of Islam. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:30

Islam, like Scientology, has it's own 'government' built in. Part of the reason there hasn't been peace in the middle east for 3000 years. {nm}   arf on Jul 05, 16:50

Religion IS a form of government. Technically it's a fascist form, though not in the way that people use that word today. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:55

In many ways I agree, but then I also believe Xianity is not a religion, it is a belief about reality and a relationship with a specific ind {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:59

No argument from me on that point. The "traditional" religions provided enough structure to create civilization as we know it today. {nm}   arf on Jul 05, 17:01

People calling themselves Christians have done evil things, but they had to violate what it means to be a disciple of Christ to do so. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:26

Except for the Spanish Inquistion and the various Crusades. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 05, 16:29

No, that only proves my point. Those were perpetrated by rulers using the name but violated Christianity itself. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:32

"Never judge a philosophy by its abuse"-Augustine {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:35

If they have not been disavowed or excommunicated or whatever the term is, then they are still recognised as Christians. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 05, 16:36

Absolutely not true. There is no such legitimate act for a xian. you are speaking of the Roman Catholic organization and there is no    forlorne on Jul 05, 16:44

That's a cop out answer. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 05, 16:49

No, it isn't. I repudiate those acts. There is no such thing as an earthly authority to "excommunicate" anyone, that    forlorne on Jul 05, 16:56

According to them, I am "anathema" (damned) because I do not ascribe to their extra and anti biblical teachings. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:57

I respect your personal belief, but it's too convenient to just "disqualty" the history of the official church. They werent fringe lunatics. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 05, 17:01

That is ALL Xianity legitimately is, a personal belief. I don't take it personal, I believed as you do until 10 years ago   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:09

There quite simply is no "official" church. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:13

Well, they decided on the official Bible. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 05, 17:26

The crusades were different from the Inquisition. The crusades were fighting to save/get back areas conquered the Ottomans (Islamics). {nm}   arf on Jul 05, 16:55

In some cases yes. Some of the crusades were "christians" fighting "christians". none of them were legitimate acts of a Xian. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:01

Catholics fighting Christians. That was a HUGE deal back then, and even today in the Catholic church. They all claim "The One True Belief" {nm}   arf on Jul 05, 17:07

Matthew 27:25 is a call for genocide against my ancestors and myself. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:32

You're wrong. Read the context.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 16:37

Accountant: you have always been a good person here and a positive influence on the board, I do not mean to insul you,   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:42

Once again though, you're taking that out of its context and subsequently interpreting it incorrectly.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 16:54

it wasn't just people using it, but the very leaders and institutions of christianity. This is where you and forlone are missing the point {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:57

My point is what you perceive as "leaders and institutions" of Xianity are NOT any such thing, that biblically being a   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:07

No, this is where other people miss the point.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 17:08

What he said! {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:15

+1 {nm}   Oleg Max on Jul 05, 20:44

it was used as a call for jewish persecution and murder by christians {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:42

*IS* you are very bad at tenses today, Snob. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:44

i meant was. There may be individuals saying that, but not official christian organizations {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:47

It was MISUSED so. Until 10 years ago I held all the same misconceptions I am answering here, so don't misunderstand me, I   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:51

That is not a call for anything, it is an historical record of something said most probably by employees of the local ruling council {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:39

All of the original Xians were Jewish and were persecuted, not persecutors. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:40

OT to an OT thread...   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jul 05, 16:44

Thank you!!! {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:46

Port Monkey forum addon needs a feature to put a + and - on forum threads to expand/collapse long thread replies so they can be read. {nm}   arf on Jul 05, 17:33

If it's a historical record, then why does it have almost every single detail of Jewish law *and* Roman law dead wrong? {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:47

Check your sources. It does not. Have you read the Dead Sea Scroll translations? Bar Kokhba documents?   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:19

My sources? How 'bout 15 years of formal Jewish education. I think I know a bit about my own culture. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 18:01

No, it *Does* evil things as well, but no one seriously protests. As a hate crime survivor, rhetoric like that seen here makes my skin crawl {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:28

Or believe Psychology is a sham as opposed to the science it is {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:19

Not to mention, no religion is better at taking your money than Scientology {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:22

Do you know how much tax-free money the Catholic Church gets from its massive land ownership in NYC? Just to name one counter example. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:35

In spite of Hollywood portraying it so, Roman Catholicism is NOT Christianity. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:48

but Roman Catholics ARE christians. you can't have it both ways. {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:50

SOME individual Roman Catholics are also christians. The institution is NOT. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:20

It doesn't take money from individuals just in order to learn more abou the faith. Scientology does {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:48

Except for the near complete control of the US government. Christianity and Scientology are pretty much totally analogous.   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:53

Don't be glib. {nm}   Tanker on Jul 05, 16:23

Ask Tom Cruise what he thinks about Psychology and get back to me {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:25

You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do. {nm}   Tanker on Jul 05, 16:31

Because other religions have *never* stood in the way of science, especially not in cases I already outlined in this topic. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:34

Last I checked, militant Scientolgists didn't use undue influence to retard the efforts to fund AIDS research for almost a decade   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:25

Why is AIDs only common among the gay community? Maybe they should change their lifestyle if it's so risky. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:29

that might be the worst thing you've ever said on these boards, and there's some competition for that {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:31

Is it not true? You don't see straight people getting AIDs, do you? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:33

No, its an offensive lie. AIDS is not "common" among the gay community and heterosexual people get AIDS too. {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:36

This article by a scholarly paper says otherwise   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:39

which is 7 years old, doesnt state any data about the entire gay community (which includes women) and mentions AIDS rates in heteros {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 05, 16:41

Why is it that AIDs rates in hetero males are a lot lower than gay men? Can you answer that truthfully...   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 17:00

but thats not what you said. You said it was "common" and "only" in the gay community. You are ignorant and try to state lies to support    Moviesnob on Jul 05, 17:04

According to Christian beliefs, homosexuality is a sin but I assume you knew that already. Is Christianity then offensive to you? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 17:19

Yes, it is offensive in many ways. Perhaps you should read some Dawkins. However, it is not as offensive as some of its' followers like you.   STONYRN on Jul 05, 21:46

And this logic accounts for the situation in Africa, how? Are all those Africans gay? {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 17:05

Who is primarily caring for those Africans? Christians, who are NOT misusing christ to defend their personal prejudices, fears and ahte. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:22

Oh, hello there White Man's Burden. Didn't see you come in. Did you bring your friend with you, Godwin's Law? {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 18:29

Obviously, no. But their situation is different and I wasn't talking about countries in which healthcare is non-existent. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 17:23

So, you're saying that governments interceding in the case of disease can have an effect and that failing to act can cause pandemic...   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 18:07

You know why it was done too. You said the answer in an earlier post in how Christianity has control of the US gov.   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:15 agree...with...the...(pseudo)-genocide then? I don't even, what? {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 18:30

Me thinks he doth protest too much!   STONYRN on Jul 05, 21:56

Per the CDC, 2009 new AIDS cases: 61% (29,300) gay/bi, 27% (12960) hetero. You aren't immune. Thanks for the homophobic ignorance.   Decoman on Jul 05, 16:58

Why should other people be responsible for funding research on something that only happens to those who won't change in spite of known risks {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:32

The government KNOWINGLY SUPPRESSED THAT DATA! And AIDS kills heterosexuals too. You know, like Eazy-E, for random example. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:49

Arthur Ashe, Magic Johnson, Ray Sharkey, Amanda Blake... {nm}   Decoman on Jul 05, 17:25, "Only common in the gay community" did you mean, "Most likely to be found in America in Black women under the age of 24"? {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:37

The journal article I posted a link to says otherwise. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:42

And aside from being factually inaccurate, your argument is logically specious and employs a "short skirt" mentality of blame. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:38

I am a Xian, and this makes me ill, too. no one with AIDS "deserved" it, any more than i do. My role is to care for   forlorne on Jul 05, 17:30

Never said they deserved it, just that living their lifestyle leaves them more prone to get it and they should know that. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 17:58

Sin in Christianity is not analgous to the Jewish concept. Chet is the word for sin, and it means to miss the bullseye in archery. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 18:04

Really funny how you discuss this on a page admined by a person who used to run ELISA tests :-)   Facto on Jul 05, 18:35

didn't see *that* coming ... {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 05, 17:28

Are you retarded? It actually decreased among the gay community a while back and increased among heterosexuals. In Africa the church tried {nm}   STONYRN on Jul 05, 21:43

Increased maybe but still a much smaller percentage of the hetero population than the non-hetero population. There's a reason for that. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 22:47

Not anymore, but the priests did use to keep records of confessions, and the Vatican had more than just police.   elchan on Jul 05, 16:52

There are bigots who may or may not be Christians, but Xianity itself is anti-bigotry. Being Christian means being saved, not "good". {nm}   forlorne on Jul 05, 16:28

For the record, I don't think that Christianity is a cult, just that Scientology is equally a religion and attacks on it are often grotesque {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:33

"Imagine nothing to die for, and no religion too Inmagine all the people, living life in peace." That's the simplest solution. {nm}   mrbinns on Jul 05, 16:43

Where's AcfJ when you need him? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 16:31

I think after the last argument, he vowed not to post on the forum anymore. {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 16:44

He posted on here in his typically respectful and evenhanded manner. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 16:50

Ah this thread is so big I missed his comment above. Of course he would not stay out of this one. {nm}   elchan on Jul 05, 16:53

He makes a good point above: {nm}   arf on Jul 05, 17:14

I don't mean any disrespect to you, but I don't tend to "back" people on here who post things either without adequate evidence, or   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 17:46

Are you not Christian? Do you not believe everything the faith teaches or do you only believe what suits you? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 17:52

First, show me in the Bible where it says "the faith" teaches me anything. It's not "the faith" that teaches, it's God, through His Word.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 18:17

Then why is it a sin and heterosexuality? Why would it be singled out to be bad enough to be considered a sin? What purpose does it have? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:21

Your response also proves that you are only Christian insofar as it suits you.   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:24

Refute my comments using only Scripture in context, and I'll agree with you. Until then, I'm not going to respond to you anymore. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 18:29

Go on living your fraudalent lifestyle, telling people you're a person of God but deep down what you believe goes against God's teachings   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:35

Further...   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:41

How is this disproving my point that I stated before that all sin is equal to God?   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 18:44

Since when did this thread ever bring up those other sins? It didn't until you just did. That's why I'm focusing on the one I am...   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:48

Also...   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:53

Yes, but you used inadequate evidence in an ad-hoc manner and didn't specifically state where your comments were coming from.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 18:55

And not everyone puts their religion front and center like you do (hence why I didn't at first bring it up)   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 18:26

A4J: You might enjoy the Jewish corallary for that:   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 19:27

I personally think there's more to it than that, but at present (but more specifically on here) I'd rather not go into it.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 19:41

Precisely my point, RE: Condoms/spilling seed. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 05, 20:53

HERE'S a call to action: stop talking to this guy. He's obviously trolling for arguments. Not worth it. {nm}   Decoman on Jul 05, 17:40

I thought calls to action weren't allowed on here :P {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 17:42

I don't think anyone will mind this one, eh? Smart people unite!! {nm}   Decoman on Jul 05, 18:01

+1 {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 05, 19:43

people keep arguing over something so stupid as religion, Come on guys, Has anyone seen GOD here? {nm}   rambirkodi on Jul 05, 22:40

Religion is stupid only to those who haven't found it. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 22:49

All "Religion" is man-made and utterly useless. Obviously you don't know the difference between being a Christian and following a religion,   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 23:03

Says the one who picks and chooses the parts of Christianity he wants to believe in and supports things it doesn't {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 23:10

Show me one thing that I have said in this discussion that supports something that God says is wrong from Scripture.   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 23:16

Well,   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 23:34

Did you ever think that I responded the way I did because people like you end up ranting so much about homosexuality that they eventually   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 23:47

People will believe in and act how they want. It's not going to teach non-Christians to hate them. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 23:56

Also,   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:04

Then how is saying that we should still love the person "picking and choosing the parts of Christianity he wants to believe in and supports   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:10

Sorry about that but...   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:14

And it's not troll behavior to espouse religious beliefs one holds. Just because you apparently don't actually hold them, doesn't mean any.. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 23:37

*Don't hold all of them* {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 23:41

Also,   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 23:48

So basically you're saying that because God's Word says that we are to hate homosexuality, then we are to hate homosexuals?   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 05, 23:53

Do you support...   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:00

Does God's Word support it? {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:01

What do you think? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:04

The onus isn't on me to provide proof for my stance, it's on you to provide proof for yours, especially considering you are the one who   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:15

Don't need it. I already know what your answer would be based on what you've already said. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:21

Then you'd most probably be flat-out wrong. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:22

Not going based on what you've said regarding the subject up to this point. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:25

So if I have said that I don't condone homosexuality and never will because God's Word says it's a sin, you automatically assume because of   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:27

Never said anything to that effect. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:30

Get to the logical conclusion:   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:34

But it doesn't matter what I think, because God doesn't care about my opinion when it comes to His laws. What He said goes. End of story. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:18

Shocking. going to call for my banning now because you don't agree with my religious beliefs? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 05, 22:50

Agreed. Good nite and thank you.   STONYRN on Jul 05, 21:54

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