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so it's had lots of exposure, but what is its target audience? too mature for families, to unusual for average adults...

Posted by: RedBurnett on Mar 01, 16:35 in response to sprinter319's post Intrade has great OW contracts every week

It's not a New Moon with any given segment of the audience dying to see it. It's quirky, it's weird (and flaunts it), it's too bizarre for parents to take their children to it for a matinee...AND it has higher 3D prices being charged. The downside to higher 3D prices is that people have to be willing to pay that higher price. If they're not then the higher 3D price could actually cause a film problems because people may--on the margin--decide that the price is higher than they're willing to pay for whatever experience they expect to have.


I just don't think that this is another Avatar: and can similarly motivate audiences to pay out the nose for 3D and IMAX showings. I paid $15/ticket for myself and my wife to see Avatar, yet I'm only willing to shell out matinee price (at best) for each of us to see this on the 2D screen.


Alice will be big, but not record-breaking. 90mill opening at the beginning of March? People are smoking something.


Is this 300? No. Is this Watchmen? No. It's like if the two got together with Coraline and had a baby. Tack on 10% for inflation and you've got about 60-65Mill, falling rapidly in the following weeks.

MTC 3/5 - ALICE 88, BROOKLYN 8 {nm}   notfabio on Mar 01, 10:32

thats more like it, but i smell c-note for wonderland. {nm}   pweiprod on Mar 01, 10:36

So everyone really thinks Alice's OW in March will be bigger than Avatar's December OW? Hmmm {nm}   Phatcat on Mar 01, 12:35

hell yes. avatar underperformed OW. people thought it was weird blue people. it wasnt the country went full avatard fanboy with crazy WOM   pweiprod on Mar 01, 12:45

So everyone really thinks Alice's OW in March will be bigger than Avatar's December OW? Hmmm {nm}   Phatcat on Mar 01, 12:38

They probably aren't taking various factors into account: The Oscars as mentioned below..   secretstalker on Mar 01, 12:54

Just my two cents: I call B.S. on 'dem numbers. No way in hell is Alice opening that big {nm}   RedBurnett on Mar 01, 10:36

paypal bet that alice in wonderland clears 80mil? {nm}   pweiprod on Mar 01, 10:46

Don't be surprised if it makes that much. Higher 3d and imax charges. Shorter running time than Avatar = more showings {nm}   tonyj1 on Mar 01, 10:48

shoosh tony, im tryin to make some real life money here. {nm}   pweiprod on Mar 01, 10:51

I believe it. I have been expected 80-85 or thereabouts for quite awhile   MiyazakiFan on Mar 01, 11:04

$100m for Alice, here it comes :) {nm}   xiayun on Mar 01, 11:05

The only thing that worries me is the Oscar Telecast on Sunday. This stands to be one of the most watched telecasts in some time and ....   notfabio on Mar 01, 12:06

That said if there is a big impact this year on Sunday, it's unlikely that Disney will fully account for it in their estimates. {nm}   notfabio on Mar 01, 12:07

Exactly... and the fact that there is school on Friday and Monday in most places... {nm}   secretstalker on Mar 01, 12:51

hold up dude. I've followed ur posts for 3 years now. U don't honestly think ALICE O.W. will be affected by telecasts of the Oscars???   ConrocK on Mar 01, 22:41

No way ! This is Burton, people... It's a black no kiddies film... and slow, more so for the 3D thing. she falls and falls and falls... {nm}   JMT on Mar 01, 11:16

Yes way! Don't you know Tim Burton's secret formula...   eyescovered on Mar 01, 11:25

LOL. Didn't know that. Lalalala deedle deedle boom boom. Great ! {nm}   JMT on Mar 01, 11:31

Is there really that much more interest than a summer releast of CFACT ($56M opening in mid-July)? {nm}   The Commish on Mar 01, 11:27

I believe so. Hasn't it been advertised in 3D in front of Avatar, a lot? Plus, it's a much more well-known fairytale than CFACT.   Facto on Mar 01, 11:47

MTC 3/5 - ALICE 88, BROOKLYN 8 Tagging for Reference   numbersix_99 on Mar 01, 12:27

well my hopes   mbking92 on Mar 01, 17:13

Seems pretty high, but could easily pull 65-75 {nm}   Instro on Mar 02, 10:19

Intrade has great OW contracts every week   sprinter319 on Mar 01, 13:57

so it's had lots of exposure, but what is its target audience? too mature for families, to unusual for average adults...   RedBurnett on Mar 01, 16:35

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