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i'll support however i can. had to read your post a few times, thought you were going to buy the site :) more>

Posted by: islndr (a.k.a islander2) on May 02, 06:46 in response to lobogotti's post Fellow HSXers - If you're interested in keeping this game...

You are just coming up with ways to help CF realize how they can keep this going, correct?

What if it was for sale? HSX even with down traffic, probably still a mult million $ investment though? Or maybe its not and could go for cheap, if a group of players could actually buy it, that would be cool


But as for revenue, its one thing for a few dozen people to say they will pay to play, whole different thing to get 1000's of them to actually pay. Definitely need to consider keeping it free, but then bringing in revenues from other areas (studio marketing ploys, merch, premium content)

Might need to consider that if the game has to go away, that at least the boards could continue to be hosted. Id imagine the cost of that would be much less? we could open up the boards to less restrictive posting, and run things like articles, quizzes, contests to help keep conversations going

Maybe more than paying for the game (which honestly i dont play much anymore) I would be down with real money opportunites. even if the CX thing isnt doable, surely a fantasy football thing with movies would be?

anyways just some rambling thoughts i had, i dont know much about any of this, so whatever works out for us is ok

Fellow HSXers - If you're interested in keeping this game (and forum) going, please read this post... lobogotti May 01, 17:57

.... i'm in. {nm} unaturalx May 01, 18:05

Certainly interested in keeping the site going and willing to look at a donation and/or a subscription program {nm} tallbridge May 01, 18:08

I'd be happy with a subscription model, as long as it wasn't required. Reducing the amount of players isn't ideal. bsbbtnh May 01, 21:37

I'm in, lobo, and thank you for taking this step. I'll send you an email {nm} sphere May 01, 23:54

I am in. Will email you during the weekend. Cmon guys!! Lets do this! {nm} L3stat May 01, 19:05

After all the years of enjoyment, I'm happy to donate/subscribe {nm} Rishoutfield May 01, 19:30

Definitely in! I LOVE this game (or as I think about it, a way of life) {nm} TheDowIsUp May 01, 20:43

Down to support a continuation holdercc May 01, 21:13

It's a Bingo! I'm all in... {nm} ndmaster May 01, 23:11

I'm in! Jeff910 May 01, 21:32

Glaven. I'm in. {nm} Professor Frink May 01, 23:10

I am substantially in, and doubly so if D.Mac is a part of the future {nm} OdysseusG May 02, 00:43

Yes this is worth saving. It's twenty years of memories for me! {nm} extepan May 02, 00:43

Sure! Free for 20 years. Willing to pay to play now. Actually, I would have done so all along! Nobody asked. >>> erhead56 May 02, 00:46

Absolutely interested in helping to keep this place going. {nm} RattyBatty May 02, 00:55

I'm in! I've been playing since 15 years, I'm not ready to give up so easily {nm} Tomato May 02, 01:39

hi, I'm in. And this is the first time me posting in 10 years. {nm} adn21 May 02, 01:42

Back in those RotoHockey days, I'll bet. Good to see you back, Daniel. {nm} Pennystocks2 May 02, 02:36

I actually don't trade much anymore & just come for the forum...would still hate to see the site go...might make a one-time donation or 2... tealfan May 02, 02:49

HSXers, this is great and what we need to see. Many of you have been emailing me. I know I posted this on a late Friday night, but I ask lobogotti May 02, 03:25

Count me in {nm} numbersix_99 May 02, 04:17

Count me in {nm} numbersix_99 May 02, 04:18

Im in count me {nm} Gogreen May 02, 04:31

Im in count me {nm} Gogreen May 02, 04:31

+1 {nm} avandelay May 02, 05:41

I'm in! {nm} yelton May 02, 06:40

i'll support however i can. had to read your post a few times, thought you were going to buy the site :) more> islndr May 02, 06:46

I would definitely support Crowd Funding efforts! {nm} platonm May 02, 06:50

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDcl75xZSaQ {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky May 02, 07:21

Too funny. Too perfect. {nm} Grunt May 02, 10:03

Still don't understand how I didn't get Best Actor . . . . I mean, Jon Voight? {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky May 02, 16:29

Let the good times roll {nm} HurricaneKid May 02, 07:37

I'd be in {nm} russ1 May 02, 08:38

I think that a subscription model might work! I'm down!! {nm} stormgod May 02, 09:09

Very Nice - Yes! {nm} joeoftexas May 02, 09:15

I am in {nm} Islandfox01 May 02, 09:15

I have interest in helping to keep this going. At the very least, the forums. Thanks lobo. {nm} Paul2k May 02, 10:06

I’d be down to help. {nm} APHRAEL May 02, 10:06

I'll support this, for sure {nm} MTurczyn May 02, 10:10

You have my support!! {nm} click999 May 02, 10:46

It's a yes from me. {nm} bface May 02, 11:08

Yes. This is one place that, if it's got a subscription or a crowd funding, I'd contribute. I love this place. {nm} goodvibe61 May 02, 15:50

I love this site but I had a MAJOR life change happen 14 montha ago and I sadly don't have the time or money to contribute anyhing but ideas {nm} JDolphin May 02, 23:13

Can you find out how they pack and sell the data to Hollywood? {nm} Prophecy May 03, 07:15

I'm in, and happy to help in any way I can {nm} warcraft86 May 03, 14:14

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