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MTC tagging [BRDSM] [PRIES] {nm}

Posted by: tealfan on May 10, 18:02 in response to notfabio's post Mtc priest 18 & brides 11


Mtc priest 18 & brides 11 {nm} notfabio May 09, 11:07

That's really disappointing for brides. It's such a funny movie. {nm} CS May 09, 11:08

I'm surprised. I'll blame the marketing cause if it was my movie, i would have rolled the dice on it {nm} Moviesnob May 09, 11:09

No headlining talent. Apatow fatigue. K Wig doesn't have a real following at all. She is a marginal name. {nm} lhayes37 May 09, 11:12

could have said the same thing about a number of big comedy hits in recent years {nm} Moviesnob May 09, 11:51

The Hangover for one. {nm} secretstalker May 09, 11:56

Could have said Apatow fatigue about Hangover? Only if you were a fool. {nm} lhayes37 May 09, 12:51

only a small percentage of audience members know which movies Apatow produces. {nm} Moviesnob May 09, 12:58

This {nm} Facto May 09, 14:20

How is there "Apatow fatigue"? He hasn't produced a movie since last year and then one more the year before that. {nm} secretstalker May 09, 13:02

People are tired of him man. You are pretty out of touch. Get out from behind your cpu. Talk to people. They'll tell you. {nm} lhayes37 May 09, 15:49

dude.... i agree with secretstalker ... i dont think there is an apatow fatigue.... {nm} b4bad May 12, 16:50

I'll be stubborn and take the over...well over...though the MTC < RS rule is disconcerting {nm} GMov May 09, 11:12

Hopefully it makes enough then to stay in theaters long enough for legs to kick in. {nm} BionicMoron May 09, 11:33

Wow. Shouldn't these numbers be reversed??? {nm} eyescovered May 09, 11:12

okay, i will gladly start eating my humble crow pie. never would have thought Brides would be tracking so low. {nm} lobogotti May 09, 11:12

That is basically inflation adjusted sweetest thing ow {nm} notfabio May 09, 11:12

Wow on brides, but something borrowed is the same thing, and the trailer actually looked better.... {nm} idrom May 09, 11:16

are their sneaks out this week to generate buzz? {nm} lobogotti May 09, 11:18

*there {nm} lobogotti May 09, 11:18

Universal does regular promo screenings of most of their decent movies and this has been playing to packed houses. {nm} secretstalker May 09, 11:43

well that should help. {nm} lobogotti May 09, 11:58

As I said last week, the response at the screening I was at was on par with Superbad. {nm} secretstalker May 09, 12:00

Both are surprising, but Brides really shocks me. Perhaps the R-rating is hurting, along with the previously mentioned thoughts. {nm} Rolling_Thunder May 09, 11:19

who is the actress that says women films don't get the same kind of rights as mens? she actively campaigns about the prejudice? {nm} lobogotti May 09, 11:22

Geena Davis? {nm} jane_citizen May 09, 15:37

more bs? Rights?? It's a friggin' free marketplace... {nm} Facto May 09, 18:03

JUMPB and STBRW will eat into bride's audience , nothing surprising {nm} karspov May 09, 11:29

i'm calling bull**** on MTC... I've seen numbers and they're higher than for this past weekend's offerings secretstalker May 09, 11:32

MTC was low on both Borrowed and Broom this past weekend. When you see "numbers", are they all different colors? j/k {nm} Rolling_Thunder May 09, 11:34

No, these are numbers broken down into awareness/definite interest... not just a random prediction without showing the data to back it up {nm} secretstalker May 09, 11:36

And considering how low both RTC and MS on this past week's chick flicks, they're clearly not able to gauge that audience. {nm} secretstalker May 09, 11:37

What methods do they use to come up with these numbers? jane_citizen May 09, 15:57

Maybe, but the tv ads are really, really, really atrocious. There's not a single funny thing shown. BionicMoron May 09, 11:37

That's because as with the best R-rated comedies, you can't show the funniest things in commercials. secretstalker May 09, 11:41

True enough in theory, but the best of 'em like Hangover or Wedding Crashers BionicMoron May 09, 12:00

Fantastic. Hopefully Bridesmaids is a huge failure. It looks atrocious and offers nothing for about 50% of the population. HarryWarden May 09, 14:34

Neither does FFUR5. Didn't stop it being a hit - oh wait, did you mean the other 50% {nm} jane_citizen May 09, 15:45

Harry Warden - have you ever enjoyed a film that features women as the leading characters jane_citizen May 09, 15:56

I liked Pride and Prejudice. I hate rom-coms (because they're terribly predictable) so that eliminates most options. {nm} HarryWarden May 09, 16:28

Liked Jane Eyre too. {nm} HarryWarden May 09, 16:30

I was asked last week which rom-coms I liked and I could not name one from the last five years jane_citizen May 10, 15:46

This movie reminds me of 9 to 5--I know, R rating, no stars, still it has a similar empowerment feel to it {nm} NLitend1 May 09, 17:24

Over-screening is always a concern; think Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim {nm} xiayun May 09, 12:58

Not when a movie doesn't already have a built-in audience (as those two did) and needs help. {nm} secretstalker May 09, 17:19

Those two suffered more from illegal downloads than over-screening... Lucky856 May 13, 21:35

Seriously though, who is going to see Priest?! The entire audience for that is the same as FAST5, then again it's pretty much Legion in 3D {nm} Lucky856 May 13, 21:37

Last week's openers are not good comparisons as this is rated R; also remember Prom {nm} xiayun May 09, 12:57

Sad to join in the seemingly wrong crowd on Bridesmaids. I am still hopeful for those involved that it has the legs it deserves MiyazakiFan May 09, 12:04

I doubt *I'll* ever see it.. (Wrong kind of legs you're talking about here - I'm less interested in those BO ones.. ;-)) {nm} Facto May 09, 18:05

thanks for that - it's important to make sure women know what their real value in society is. Jane_Citizen May 12, 20:21

Ouch for Brides. I'm going to be stubborn too, but I'm bracing for my first big missed call of the summer (gave it $85 million DOM) ShawnMR May 09, 12:34

MTC tagging [BRDSM] [PRIES] tealfan May 10, 18:02

Teenagers are idiots and Priest will win an undeserved weekend. Electricbassguy May 11, 22:45

crazy... Bridesmaids is effing great!!! dvsinla May 13, 03:28

Seriously though, who is going to see Priest?! The entire audience for that is the same as FAST5, then again it's pretty much Legion in 3D {nm} Lucky856 May 13, 21:38

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